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On the series premiere of Off the Map...

- Three young doctors arrive to start work at La Clinica Cruz del Sur, located somewhere in South America. They were picked from hundreds of applicants by the clinic’s founder Dr. Ben Keeton. The docs first day has them helping remove a live stingray from a man’s foot.

- Lily Brennan specializes in Emergency Medicine. She came prepared with her own trauma pack, which prods Ben to pick her to tag along on a field assignment. A tourist, Ed has been injured on a zip line. Ed is dangling high above the trees while the zip line mechanism has cut into his arm.

- As Ed’s panicking threatens to take the zip line down with he and Dr. Brennan attached, Lily switches from sweet faced Girl Scout to experienced ER doc. She takes control of the situation and Ed, talking him through as she slices his arm free of the contraption.

- Back at the clinic Tommy Fuller, a plastic surgeon, asks Dr. Otis Cole if he can take his first day at the clinic off to “get his surf on.” Dr. Cole responds by sending Tommy on a house call to tend to a family fighting tuberculosis. When Tommy finally arrives at the village he finds that the wife has died. Her husband thought the medicine was making her worse and had her stop taking it. He won’t allow Tommy to treat his family, believing they will die too if he does.

- Tommy goes back to the clinic and tells Dr. Cole what happened. Tommy hands Otis a slip of paper. He had the sick man who understands no english sign it saying he refused treatment. Otis rips into Tommy, calling him a lazy party boy and tells him to go back to the village and treat his patients or don’t bother coming back.

- Tommy goes back the next day but the husband still refuses the medication even though his children are worse. Tommy is desperate. He tells the man how he skated through medical school, disappointed his family and has nowhere left to go back to. Even with the language barrier, Tommy’s sincerity seems to get through and the man allows him to treat his family.

- Mina Minard is back at the clinic helping Dr. Zee Alvarez. Dr. Alvarez is unimpressed with all of the new American doctors. They never last long. Mina specializes in infectious diseases and is here to find the next Ebola virus. She ends up spending her first day treating colds and tennis elbow but almost looses a patient when she mistakes a severe asthma attack for a virus.

- Mina finds Lily’s Girl Scout attitude annoying but in an effort to bond, shares that she lost a young patient to meningitis back home. She was exhausted, ambitiously working triple shifts to get ahead and misdiagnosed the child as suffering from the flu.

- Back to Lily’s patient Ed, he is recovering from surgery at the clinic and needs to be airlifted to the nearest hospital. Ed told Lily that he was here to scatter his late wife’s ashes in the firefly lake his wife loved. The lake has fluorescent algae and lights up when the water is disturbed resembling fireflies underneath the surface.

- Lily convinces Ben and the pilot to make a pit stop at the lake on the way to the hospital. Lily’s fiancé died several months ago and she understands Ed’s need to say goodbye in order to move on.

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I absolutly loved this premier. It was touching and left us wanting more. When the clock said 11, i was depressed i didnt want it to be over i couldve watched 20 more episodes! I think its gonna have around the same story line as Greys Anatomy, like surgeons with a love life, but now THEY ARE IN THE JUNGLE..
As my friend before said that she experienced many emmotions during the 1 hour... i agreed, i cried and laughed and DID BOTH AT THE SAME TIME. i would really like to know more about Lily's fiance, what brought Mina to the jungle, and Tommy's past and parents. I would like to also see what type of relationships go on. It was a little disappointing when Private Practice wasnt on but watching this was worth it. Private practice has already had a couple season waiting another couple days wasnt a problem for me, the problem was waiting until the next Wednesday! I have a big feeling we are gonna see Ed soon. Maybe he will be a doctor but i dotn think they were finished with his story line yet. I hope that Lily and Ben get together because they look like they can make a nice couple.. and when they were both on the zipline the way he was looking at her looked like romance to me. I cannot wait for tomorrow night.. they have made me wait long enough for this episode. I also thought they gripped us the audience very nicely.. and i also want to know more about Ryan (red head) and what wshe had with Ben, but i dont think they will be a "thing" because he looked mad when she came and ti looks like whoever Ben was dating or married to left him or disappeared... i would also like to know more about that. But overall i thought it was amazing, possibly my new favourite show (besides greys anatomy) after the first episode.. thats impressive. P.S. the snake thing looks like a tricky situation i cant wiat so excited!!!!


I thought that off the map started off as being a really great show. I love the idea of them being surgeons in a really interesting part of the world, kind of like a great twist on greys anatomy. (wink, wink, to my friend). anyways, i thought that the person on the zipline, ed, had a really great story. it wasnt just about saving him and making sure he was healthy after a zip line catastrophe, but it also gave some of his life backround. At the scene when he was about to get in the hellicopter, but lily said that he had to drop his wife's ashes in the "firefly lake" , it was an emotional journey. Especially when he had commmenteed "we made it" to his late wife, i thought that was very touching. I dont know about you, but I was tearing up, a lot! I also thought that the part where the man would not let the dr. operate on his kids, who were dyeing, was a frusterating twist. it was great to watch the dr. save the kids with the father;s permission finally, at the end of the show. I thought that the two generations of the older doctors and the younger (more experience/less) is also very interesting to watch. I wonder what the red head a the very beginning and end of the show has to do with the show. is she a former doctor? is she still working there? does she have a relationship with any of the doctors? I am hoping that we will soon find out. The last thing I engoyed was how lily and the asutrailian doctor both had a recent loss, which will probably start a bond between them in the future.
I am extremely excited to see what happens next!
Cant wait!!!


Yes there's a "fireflies" lagoon in the USA territory but is in Puerto Rico. It's called a florescent lagoon and is as beautiful as they showed. I believed the one they showed was is P.R. since there were some credits at the end that mentioned the island but it was too fast for me to read.


I like of the map... its just as good as greys... but since I did watch it on Wednesday I was so pissed to find out private practice wasnt gonna be on... cant wait for the new episode its dumb we have to wait so long though!


The song at the end of the episode was amazing too! It's called "SDP" (not sure what that stands for) and it's by The Kissaway Trail. Check it out.


No offense, but I was insulted that "Private Practice" was scheduled to run and then it was switched to "Off The Map". At least they could have the decency to retitle the listing, so that I could switch it off sooner. But no. I kept watching because I kept hoping to see a familiar character or a switch to Private Practice. I was miffed, disappointed and won't, now, watch the show on principle. I believe they used to call this the old bait and switch scam.


Good show, but....
Is there really a lake of fireflies. Would like to see this. If this exists, is it in the Amazon or in Oaha
Hawaii where the show is filmed.


I thought the series premiere of "Off the Map" last night was AMAZING!!!! I had so many emotions running through me during this episode. I laughed and cried. I truly hope that this show stays on for a long time to come. I love all of the characters, and can't wait to find out the rest of their stories. Great cast too! Its awesome to see Zach Gilford in this, since he is known as an outdoors kind of guy but plays a "plastics doctor", love it!

Off the Map Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

They don't give a crap about the work. They're just padding their resumes with a little third world do gooding.


Practicing tropical medicine in a third-world country is a different game... You don't have high tech, you don't have big pharma - you have your brain, you have your instincts.