Parks and Recreation

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Parks and recreation
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When a politician, Bill Dexhart, has sex scandal publicized, the Parks and Recreation department decides to have a contest to see who can dig up the most dirt on who.  As a result, Ron finds out that Tom's marriage to Wendy is a fake one for a green card, and Tom finds out that Ron moonlights as a Jazz saxophonist, Duke Silver.  Oh and Mark digs up that Jerry was adopted.

Meanwhile, Leslie is so nervous about her first date with Dave that she has a practice one with Ann.  After getting drunk with Ann, she goes over to Dave's to tell him how geat their first date is gonna be... the next night.  She's so drunk he ends up having to drive her home, but he makes her less nervous by saying that was their first date and he's looking forward to their second.  Cute.

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Parks and Recreation Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

I've established a scientifically perfect, ten-point scale of human beauty. Wendy is a 7.4, which is way too high for Tom, who is a 3.8. 10 is tennis legend Steffi Graf.


Tom: I think cave sex is insane.
Leslie: Why?
Tom: Because of the echoes and the humidity.