Person of Interest

Tuesdays 10:00 PM on CBS
Person of interest
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On this week's Person of Interest…

Reese and Finch manage to get away, except Reese's injury confines him to a wheelchair.

In order to throw off the CIA scent, they send Fusco to Connecticut to plant his Reese's fingerprints.

Meanwhile, another number comes up involving a man named Trask. Reese is stuck monitoring the computers and Finch must go out and do all the leg work.

At first they think that Trask is a killer, but later realize that he was simply trying to protect a girl from another guy. Trask also happened to be in witness protection because he testified against the mob.

Finch reveals to Carter another number and allows her to witness first hand what it is that they do.

A flashback shows the government trying to use and control the machine that Finch created. He and Nathan discuss how it works. Nathan Ingram's number comes up.

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