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On this week's Person of Interest...

Reese and Carter attempt to turn Alonzo Quinn into the FBI in order to dismantle HR.

Simmons calls upon a variety of bad guys and dirty cops to stop them.

While Fusco helps them, Simmons captures him. He tortures Fusco for the location of the evidence against HR. He threatens to kill his son if he doesn’t tell.

Shaw saves his son, and luckily Fusco is able to break free before being killed himself.

Reese reveals to Carter that she helped him. He kisses her as the two bond of their friendship and journey.

Root wants to talk to the Machine, who has put Reese’s number up, but Finch refuses.

Ninety-eight percent of HR is taken down after Quinn is turned in. Simmons escapes, Reese is arrested.

Carter is able to free Reese, but as the two walk away, Simmons appears and shoots, kills Carter.

Finch arrives to witness the shooting as a phone rings in the background.

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First, get over the killing of Carter. She was on Letterman and knew at some point she was going to be killed off. She never intended to last the seven years the show is signed on to do. She wants to do movies. Secondly, from the Pilot [which was great] through virtually every episode for 2.5 seasons to date it was hard to top any of the greatest episodes from those prior 2.5 years but this episode was by far, and that's saying a lot, the best P.O.I. ever made. So so much packed into one hour there isn't a show on TV that even comes close to how great this series is. And this episode was. Only one word to describe it, EPIC !


@Milena So the writers don't have your whiny post-modernist neo-marxist sensitivities. For shame! *eyes rolling*


Highly disappointed the show killed Carter off after bringing in two white females. This show was one of few that had one of its major characters as a minority and female at that. Glad that Fusco didn't get killed. If anyone needed to be killed I would had prefered Root, I'm tired of her character. I'll have to rethink if I want to continue watching this show.