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Jane is called in to assist Duffy and the beef squad in tracking down a suspect who killed a mother and kidnapped her toddler.

The beef squad moves in against Chris Hughes, a former child molester, while Jane would rather keep following the clues.

Jane’s search leads her to Glenn, who murdered the mother and locked the toddler in a room.

The beef trust in their endless pursuit of Hughes, causes him to force a hostage situation with his girlfriend and her daughter. Jane is able to coax him to let the two of them go, but as she tries to sympathize with him, Hughes commits suicide.

Meanwhile, Jane’s boyfriend’s ex continually tries to find ways to not have their son sleep over.

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I LOVE this show and have enjoyed every episode I have seen.

Prime Suspect Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Duffy: How ya doin'?
Jane: I could be drunker.
Duffy: Well, maybe I wanna say I'm sorry.
Jane: And maybe I wanna say suck it!

But I'll always still know that you were wrong.