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Addison and Sam disagree on what to do when they discover that woman who’s been in a coma for a very long time is pregnant.

Her husband, Bob, is the person who impregnated his wife. Again, Sam and Addison clash on what to do next.

Bob’s wife is later rushed into surgery where she loses the baby. Addison calls the police when he says they'll try again.

Addison is shocked when Sam doesn’t go ballistic, but he just won't get into it at home.

Jacob, a car accident patient, was in the car with a male prostitute.

Charlotte informs her patient, Angela, that she’s now well enough to have kids with her husband, Jacob.

Charlotte wants to tell Angela about her husband’s dalliance especially after the guy’s blood test reveals he’s HIV positive.

Jacob introduces his wife to Evan the prostitute, who also happens to be the man he loves.

Pete’s mom is in prison but Violet doesn’t know why. His mom stabbed a man to death in a drunken rage. Pete called the police but his brother, Adam, lied to protect their mom.

Cooper and Charlotte are having a tiff over the idea of having babies. Eventually Coop apologizes by bribing Charlotte with a cake.

It’s Halloween at the hospital which means it’s pretty busy. Charlotte has some work to finish before she can go home to make up with Coop.

She shuts down her computer and steps outside her office door, but someone is waiting for her and punches her in the face and stomach.

He hurls her back inside and we fade to black.

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Correct- Not the first post after all.. but the one right before my intiail comment... by Mimisora.


I disagree witht he first post... showing this subject in thsi manner is emotional and powerful and effective because it shows what a heinous and tragic crime this truly is. Rape is often called the silent crime because it goes unreported in so many cases. So many shows touch on rape for one episode then it goes away like it never happened to the character. That isn't what happens in life and not what is happening on this show. This will be something these characters, partically Charlotte and Copper, will have to deal with for a long time on the show. It is realistic and brings a face and a voice to victims. As far as the long term impact, I believe that she will have had so much trauma that she isn't able to have children.


Does this go too far? Yes, it does. If a woman is raped every two minutes in this country that means a lot of women are experiencing PTSD after watching this show. I hope any woman with a history of rape had the sense to turn this show off. You have to wonder how many rapists watch this stuff too, and I don't think they're reformed as a result. There are ways to portray rape and its effects without being so graphic that the episode demands a warning. Where do TV writers draw the line between educating people and harming people? Always err on the side of caution if you really care about victims of rape or violence. I had to laugh at the 10 second rape counseling hot line bit at the end. If these writers and producers really cared about victims, they wouldn't have dreamed up this episode. Having said that, how did this brilliant, character driven series turn into a horror show of serial traumas. I stopped watching after Violet had her baby cut out of her womb, and thought I would pick it up again this season only to see a fully scripted rape. Time to stop watching again. If I want to be traumatized for entertainment, I'll go hang out at an ER for fun.


Cooper and Charlotte's discussions of late have been about babies. I think Charlotte may end up pregnant by the rapist which will be tragic.


I really really really hope Shonda didn't make it that Charlotte gets HIV from this rapist! That would just be the worst thing ever! Charlotte and coop need to have a child at some Point!