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On the series finale of Rescue Me...

Tommy has a dream that everyone but Lou died in the arson explosion at the abandoned warehouse.


After Tommy writes his report about what happened (Lou's death, etc.) he decides to retire.


Meanwhile, the rest of the crew decides to leave the firehouse and go their seperate ways.


Tommy goes to the playground with Wyatt and gets into an argument. Katie tells him that being in the "real world" for Tommy isn't going to work.


On their way to spread Lou's ashes, Mike opens the box containing them and they fly all over the car and the guys inside. They replace his ashes with cake mix. Tommy reads a letter Lou left for him that tells him and the crew to stay together.


Tommy delivers his baby at the apartment. They name him Shea Gavin. Janet tells Tommy to go back to work as a firefighters.


The final sequence involves Tommy giving a speech to a new set of probies. The crew has remained together and Franco has become a Lieutenant. After his speech and recognition that sex and alcohol don't solve problems, Tommy gets into his truck and sees Lou. The two drive off.

Episode Number:

Can you please send me tommys a speech to a new set of probies.


Whats the name of the song played at the funeral?


Set Fire to the Rain, Adele


Anyone out there know the name of the song and artist playing during the preview of the series finale Ashes?

Rescue Me Season 7 Episode 9 Quotes

This ain't a job. It ain't an occupation. It's a calling.


Black Shawn: I'm thinking I got to find a nice little Korean lady with little small fingers to get down here and get that itch, you know?
Mike: Or a baby.
Black Shawn: Say what?
Mike: Babies have small fingers.
Sean: Korean babies. Even smaller fingers.