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-Tim takes over Martin Charles, saving the company and keeping Andrew from facing charges. When he hears about the vow renewal ceremony he tells Andrew about Siobhan's affair with Henry.

-Andrew is furious and confronts Bridget. She finally comes clean and tells him she isn't Siobhan, she's her twin sister.

-Andrew kicks Bridget out and he and Juliet head to the Hamptons.

-Agent Machado is taken off the Macawi case. He hears a body that resembles Malcolm was found in New Jersey.

-Siobhan lies to Henry when the paternity test results come in.  She tells him the twins are his when they are not. Henry already knew the results. He's drained Siobhan's bank accounts and kicks her and the twins out.

-Siobhan breaks into the penthouse to steal money and jewelry since she's broke. Macawi breaks in and tries to kill her thinking she's Bridget. Bridget shows up and shoots and kills Macawi but Siobahn runs off before Bridget sees her.

-Solomon finds video that shows Siobhan alive after her supposed suicide. Bridget confronts Henry who admits that Siobahn wanted her sister dead because of what happened to Sean. Bridget is shocked.

-Siobhan vows to get back what's hers.

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Ringer is gettin better & better, i cant wait 2 c the next season.


what is the last song played in I'M THE GOOD TWIN when she is seeing her sister get in the car after she was suppose to have drown?


I said at the outset that this show has some Hitchcockian tones
and it surely shows here tonight. It would make a more definitive move to let the next ep be THE SERIES FINALE!
A show like this is best when it doesn't get dragged out too long.


YES,Ringer is getting better & better.


i clicked one star on mistake this is the best tv series iv ever seen in my life its amazing every single eposide gets better an better i hopre they never ever stop

Ringer Season 1 Episode 22 Quotes

No offense but I don't think you'd fair too well in jail.


Do you really think there's going to be an aisle to walk down once you tell Andrew?