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-Dov interrupts a convenience store robbery. When he sees the teenager pull a gun he shoots him but later, detectives can't find the weapon.

-The SIU investigation makes Dov doubt his own memory. Andy believes the store clerk had a gun behind the counter but is lying because of his criminal record. 

-Traci uses her detective training to help Dov remember that there was another shot fired. They find a bullet in the wall behind where Dov was standing but still no gun.

-Traci, Andy, and Jerry realize that there was a second kid behind the counter that Dov never saw and he may have taken the weapon.

-Sam and Andy track the kid down and find the gun on him. The bullet from the convenience store wall matches that gun.

-Dov is cleared but the kid he shot dies and he is obviously shaken.

-Traci earns the six month rotation with the detectives.

-When Noelle almost gets hurt on the street she decides to stick to a desk for the rest of her pregnancy.

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