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A dictator knocks on the door at Olivia Pope and Associates in the middle of the night seeking Olivia's help in recovering his family whom he believes to have been kidnapped by opponents. Olivia takes the case despite Abby's protests. When Abby and Stephen locate the dictator's wife and two youngest children, they discover that she has run away. Abby, because of her history, feels compelled to help the woman and her children stay away from the dictator and convinces Olivia to help the woman and her children obtain political asylum.

After a visit to see Cyrus, Olivia attempts to convince Amanda Tanner to take a monetary settlement. Amanda refuses, instead deciding that if the President cannot give her five minutes alone, she wants to see the entire administration fall. After learning that Cyrus has instigated an investigation into Olivia and the members of her team, Olivia tells Cyrus they plan to go public with the news of Amanda Tanner's pregnancy. War is declared between the White House and Olivia Pope and Associates.

Quinn's relationship with Gideon heats up despite Harrison's request that she put an end to their affair. Amanda Tanner is kidnapped.

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Who played the dictator on the 4/26/12 episode of Scandal?


ok!my thoughts: amanda is lying (she working with someone in the whitehouse.......maybe the president.....mmmmmm his wife.... just a thought i get cyrus putting a wedge between olivia and the president, but its going to blow up in his face , because the love between those two is too strong, the president is too evasive (damn politician)... he is a bit puzzling , i get the feeling that deep down this is just a plot to get olivia to come back to him , by hiring this amanda character to stir up trouble (just a thought) his wife is soo hilary clinton right now(in it for the go girl).... my favourite line...."you couldn't sleep now i trust you will sleep like a baby!!!!!..mmmmaaaaaaaaddd! favourite president line..."Olivia is the love of my life and she won't even talk to me".....aaawwwww