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- Lisa Edelstein guest stars as Sarah Stanner.

- Olivia's client is a woman accused of having an affair with a Supreme Court nominee.

- It's Olivia vs. the White House.

- Fitz confront Olivia about not believing in him.

- Jake uses Olivia's info to help free the hostages.

- Quinn and Huck track Osborne.

- Quinn gets caught by Osborne.

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i am so hooked on this show. this is consuming my life. i wait for Thursdays. I keep thinking that maybe there is an episode that I haven't seen, so i can get my scandal-fix during the week.

Scandal Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Quinn: You're good at this...stalking people.
Huck: You'll get there.

I will not be responsible for an untimely heart attack...take a breath.