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The Mayans take out some of August Marks men during a gun buy as they try to cope with the imbalance of power that SAMCRO backing out of guns has caused. They try to pull Nero back in.

Nero considers getting out of the life all together and taking his son far away. When he tells Gemma she flips out and accuses him of dumping her before she storms off. 

Tara meets with her attorney but Bobby and Juice have followed him and track her down. Jax arrives at the park and Tara prepares to be killed but that's not what Jax has in mind.

Jax tells Patterson that he'll turn himself in for supplying the guns in the school shooting if all of the charges are dropped against Tara and none are filed against SAMCRO. She agrees. 

Nero tells Jax he knows that he lied and that Juice killed the dead boy's mother. Later, Jax tells Juice he knows he betrayed him and he warns Bobby and Chibs that Juice can't be trusted. Before going to turn himself in, Jax makes Bobby President of SAMCRO. 

A stoned Gemma hears that Jax is going to be arrested and assumes Tara ratted. When Sheriff Roosevelt drops Tara off at home, Gemma is there. She snaps and kills Tara with a carving fork in her kitchen.

When Sheriff Roosevelt runs in, Juice shoots and kills him to protect Gemma. Then he gets rid of the murder weapon.

Jax comes home ready to surrender to authorities to find Tara dead. He cradles her bloody body in his arms and weeps as Patterson and the authorities walk in. 

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You don't know my Fans" well there is a fine line in this show but this was not the answer I think it would of made more sense to kill off Gemma Nero left her she went on a bender we all know she doesnt have control of herself crashed a car and died but killing Tara jax's character needs a light Tara as strange as she was - was it jaxs character can never come back the show has gone dark there is no form of balance no hope sometimes you get it wrong dark light hope death purpose chaos love hate this show will end in Hate maybe you should of called SONS Of Death or Gemma's Sons its not about liking Tara its all about the transformation NOTHING Organic about this you've made a big mistake


I understand this show and the writing, the life but Im not going to say this makes sense there is always a light in all evil or bad the satire in this show certainly walks the line which is true of that life but to Kill off Tara doesnt make sense to the direction this is a dark place for this show now and if they are sticking with it then Jax cannot come back from this as the only light reflected in his character came from Tara the balance is now gone - Gemma would of made more sense to kill off as she has come to an end otherwise it should be called Gemma Sons of Anarchy or as I commented earlier Sons of Death anyway i just dont agree this was the answer or the right direction its just a dark bloodied mess.......


This is for the people who don't understand the life of the mc. I believe Kurt is a great writer and telling this story shows how someones life in the mc can be. If people can't understand that then maybe they should stick with wizards and fairies. Don't need to blame someones writing just because they don't understand. Great show and I will be waiting for the next season


Watched every seasons as the show got worse & worse, hated Gemma more & more and now Tara killed by her this show got so stupid and unreal with bodies pile up the feds would be there in force and the national guard. I will never watch again that jerk should write about wizards or faires

@ Jesse

yep right on


We love Sons of Anarchy. We hate to see the season end, but we'll be ready next year.


I don't ever want SOA to end. I love that show.

Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

I've become the thing. The one I hated.


I need that rush of terror to get me out of bed in the morning. It's in my DNA.


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Song We Better Run Parlor Hawk