The Blacklist

Mondays 10:00 PM on NBC
The blacklist
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Liz refuses to work with Red after finding out the truth about her father's death. She tells the FBI the truth about Tom.

An armor car driver gets sick while on his route from a deadly virus. 

Red give information to the FBI about the deadly virus. He knows someone who can help and Liz feels obligated to help. 

Liz realizes that "Berlin" is a person not a place. And, that person is after Red. She tries to stop Red from being apprehended by the FBI after turning her back on him.

A prisoner plane crashes in New York.

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The Blacklist Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

Liz: Who? Who is this mysterious someone?
Red: I don't know.

Berlin. It's not a place. It's a person. And that person is coming for Red today.