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The plane reappears and lands on some disserted plain.  The plane catches on fire and Sear is able to get everyone off of the plane.

Four days earlier, Michael is being held hostage and Vicky is holding a gun to Leila’s head. The hostages tell Michael they will kill both his daughters unless he flies the plane.

Back to the present, Michael informs Sean of this and tells him he’s the only one who will be able to find Leila.

President Martinez is more concerned about what happened than who was trying to kill him.  Thirteen months earlier, the President is meeting with his Intelligence cabinet. Blake tells them that a plane crashed years ago with a bunch of aliens that look exactly like humans, but their genetics differ at about 1%.

In the stream of pictures, Sophia is also one of them.

Sean has a flash back to a week ago aboard the cruise. Leila encourages Sean to go on the scuba adventure with Vicky. Greg comes to visit and before he starts to get physical, the secret men come in and kill Greg and take Leila hostage.

The time flashes back to 1944 when the spaceship lands in Alaska.  Sophia tells her partner to run and escape before they all get caught.

Back to the present, the President questions Sophia what her true intentions are.  She warns him that he people have been waiting over sixty years to escape and they’re growing impatient.

Sean is trying to escape the hospital when he has a flashback to five years earlier when he meets Leila in a swimming pool.

Blake assigns Agent Lee to the top of their defense agency. Ten years earlier it flashes back to when Lee is getting administered blood work. Agent Lee is one of the aliens that infiltrated the CIA.

Later Lee meets with Thomas who tells him where he can find the plane, but they are still using the people.  Lee gets to the crash and finds Michael and all the people on the plane dead.

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I'm a big fan of scifi. Love Fringe, Lost, Sarah Connoer Chronicles, loved the old cancelled shows Jericho, Invasion, Surface, Flash Forward, The 4400, Threshold etc....but this..this show is a pile of poo. Unlikable characters, dizzying stupid meaningless flashbacks, jumping all over the place...I mean what the heck was the point of the flashback of meeting his fience while he was running from the police...it made no sense! Mopey sullen Sophia is a lousy choice for alien "leader". It as if it was written by a child "There's these aliens..and they look like us...but but..they're a little different..." I may give the show 1 more week, but week 2 was horrible.


The Event is a non-Event. It's a rehashed, bad version of the 4400. Humans come from the future, into the past to save humanity. NBC's The Event isn't anything unique as we've seen this story before. Clearly the shows writers are fans of Sci Fi Author John Varley. Varley's book, "Millennium" which was adapted for the screen in 1989 obviously serves as the premise of The Event. The 1989 movie was loosely based on the novel and was a terrible film. Perhaps the writers wanted to do "Millennium" justice by turning it into a TV show. They have no doubt taken creative license to re-imagine Varley's book,but the idea is pretty much the same. A group of time travelers from the earth's dark and dying future travel to the past to save the human race. They use airplanes as a way to create worm holes through time. Oh hummmmmm

The Event Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

(to his son) I'll keep us safe. I promise.


You watched us kill your wife, do you really think we'd hesitate to kill your daughters?