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On the season finale of The Following…

Joe wants to claim all his murders and kills another random person in front of Claire.

Ryan and Mike try and track down Debra. After being attacked by a follower, Ryan captures him and forces him to lead them to Debra.

Debra dies. Ryan shoots the follower.

Ryan discovers the manuscript for Joe's story and clues to where to find him.

Emma and another follower drug Ryan and leave him with Joe.

Joe wants to kill Claire, but Ryan is able to interfere. In the melee, the home sets on fire and explodes with Joe inside.

Ryan and Claire head home. Molly pops out and stabs Ryan. She then stabs an unsuspecting Claire.

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Wow, that sounds like a completely terrible episode of The Following. Major disappointment right here.


Joe is not dead... neither is Ryan but poor Claire is done


Buddy, could you be more expansive


Thank god this show is over.
It started off so well and then dragged on, and on, and on....
I wanted to end the suffering but I was all in, and decided to tough it out.
I actually fast forwarded parts of the show to put it out of its misery.
Are they dead? Probably not.
Are we supposed to believe that the 3 lead characters are all dead? And what about the guy with the busted ankle, what was his role?
Well he is probably the body they found to let everyone think Joe is dead. Who cares? Not me.
I won't be following the following any more. The Following R.I.P.