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There was a lot going on this week. Let's run it down below...

- Alicia and Will are forced to re-try an accused wife killer after Cary takes the case to a friend in the military. One actually can be tried twice for the same crime in military and civilian court. After Will has trouble with the Army-assigned judge, Alicia takes lead on the case and gets her client off again. This helps further the feud between her and Cary.

- Diane wonders if there's a past connection between Will and Bond because the former goes back on a promise to side with Diane on a vote between all three partners (involving the booting of Lou Dobbs as a client). In the end, it appears as though Kalinda has uncovered a link between the men.

- Becca shows up as a volunteer at Peter's campaign. Zach says he never asked her to do so, but ends up being convinced to work with his ex when she proposes an idea: create a social networking profile for the son of Childs and write disparaging things on it.

- Eli and Peter have their own problems: Amber, the hooker that Peter slept with, has created an online video that involves her scantily-clad and singing about her former lover. Should Peter go negative in response? Eli encourages him to do so.

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How do you figure Gossett "pulled it off"? Looked to me like she lost. And it sure looks like Zach is already turning into another Peter: A "pretty girl" appears, his brain shuts off, and he gets led around by his dick. Trouble lies ahead. And I always snicker when Peter pretends to be noble, claiming he wants to protect his family. Like before, when he and Daniel were threatening Amber, and he said "In order to protect my family, you have no idea what I'm capable of!" Oh yeah? Well, he's also capable of putting his family out of his mind every time (18, he says) that he was shtupping her. Not so protective of them then, was he!


I loved this episode. The court scene with Captain Malinda Gossett was wonderful. I just knew she was going to pull it off. I hope to see more of her on the upcoming shows.

The Good Wife Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Diane: What do you know about Derrick Bond?
Kalinda: What do I know? Well, I did the due diligence. Everything I found, you have.
Diane: What about Derrick Bond and Will?
Kalinda: Sorry?
Diane: As far as I knew, there was no connection between them. I was the connection to Derrick.
Kalinda: You're suggesting there's a link that you don't know about.
Diane: I'm suggesting I'd like to be disabused of that notion.
Kalinda: Then, I'll get to disabusing.

Diane: This is a betrayal. You said that you would support me.
Will: I didn't see the facts.
Diane: Now the facts are important to you? In court, you couldn't give a damn.
Will: Come on, Diane. It's money! It's about keeping our doors open. My father drove his business into the ground giving money to everyone he knew. And I'm not going to make the same mistake.
Diane: You know what you just did? You just lost your certain vote.