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This episode of The Good Wife centered around a death penalty case. A man was scheduled to be executed at midnight, but Alicia got a call from a clerk who implied that there was an addendum the firm could file to help stave off the execution, or at least delay it.

This set into motion a number of phone calls and investigations. Cary got involved because he knew the clerk from a former job. Will gave out assignments at the office. Blake chased down a lead.

In the end, Kalinda found the arson expert who testified at the trial and got him to admit there was a possibility that the guy was innocent. At the last minute, right after Diane had arranged for the convict's daughter to get a glimpse of her dad, the firm succeeded at getting the man a re-trial. It was exciting, tense stuff.


- Alicia mentioned to Will that it would be nice if they talked at some point.

- Kalinda told Alicia that Blake was threatening to expose her past life, but said no more.

- Grace embraced religion more, praying with a friend at home.

- Peter was asked during his live debate about the state of his marriage and cursed the reporter off.

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I can't stand it anymore this bickering about Peter or Will, neither one is a saint but plenty of sinners. I was trying to remember the scene from an early season 1 episode where Will was in a hotel room with another female lawyer (with the tatto on her back) answering her about where has he been, he reponded with I was having a sexual sabbatical. This had nothing to do with Alicia she was never thought of since Georgetown, and that there was no real thoughts till the Heart episode. Peter has never left the picture and as a women watching if i had a choice there wouldn't be a second choice I went through this kind of problem and am glad I made the right one. I,m staying with the husbamd and the EX is now in jail, life is better than ever with several changes I made to myself.


Oh now I see why you're so confused, Petula. You've forgotten that, DURING those years that available bachelor Will was on a sexual sabbatical from other women because he was waiting for Alicia (NOT being "a player", like you mistakenly presume), that sleazy creep Peter was out boinking hookers, even though he was supposed to be MARRIED to her! It's incredible how many of you just don't seem to get that. Alicia still doesn't get it either. Even though Peter was already married, he was so interested in boinking Amber and whoever that he betrayed his devoted wife, and his precious family too. And yet you think WILL is the cheater?? Reality-check time.... And in spite of all your nasty suspicions about Will (with no solid evidence whatever, I notice), he has always treated Alicia with kindness, consideration, and love. She'd be crazy not to go with him -- instead of sharing Peter with whatever hooker happens to be available.


Why are you so in love with Will, you don't know a thing about him, I would be more worried about my health with him. With his player background you never know, on the other hand my foresight and open mindedness tells me to back off. I just hate liars, cheaters, and scumbags also but as an open minded person I don't see this since the beginning, but I do see it coming from Will who keeps trying to get to a married women. This totally turns my stomach from a trustworthy and sneaky person.


Like ANYONE with a functioning brain, I just hate liars, cheaters, and scumbags. Peter is all of the above. I would ditch someone like that in a heartbeat, as would anyone with any self-esteem at all. The fact that Alicia is still living with him (AND having sex with the sleazeball -- yuck) tells me she should be more worried about her health, never mind her self-respect -- which seems to be in the garbage. And you keep implying that you know things about Will that the rest of us don't. Are you trying to tell us you have psychic powers or something?


All this from the beginning of season 1, I can still see why you are so interested in Peter there is a deep connection between you and him. Were you kicked out to the curb?
I didn't see anyone crying rape but did enjoy the whole intimate affair.
Wait to you see the dark side of Will you might have to change your pants.


You mean you still don't GET that if anybody ever DID cheat on me, they'd be history immediately? Alicia must have rocks in her head if she sticks by that slimeball after all the times he has lied to and betrayed her. She needs to kick him to the curb, already! I would have done it LONG ago. That disgusting ep. where he raped/forced himself on her in the bathroom made me want to throw up. The places that tongue has been..... I hope she stopped at the VD clinic on her way to work. It's pathetic to see you people trying to vilify Will when Peter himself has admitted he's a lying cheating sleazeball. You really must hate her if you think he's all she deserves.


Hey John you must have missed the part where Kalinda told Alicia that Will knew Blake from her past, and also Derrick also.
I'm still waiting to hear who cheated on you?
The ending will be a real blast !


What "upsets me" is people like Peter who lie and betray the ones who love them. I can forgive almost anything else. All you gullible Peter supporters have got against Will is suspicion. You think he KNEW that Blake was a goon? What's your proof? Derrick brought him, and HE really does know what he is. Why is Derrick getting a free ride from everybody? (He isn't much of a lawyer either. All he ever does is wear a nice suit and sit around.) In contrast, Peter has admitted he's cheated on Alicia MANY times already. Whether it's "forgiveness" or "forgetfulness" on Alicia's part, a leopard doesn't change its spots. If she sticks with the slimy creep, she's only going to get more of the same. It's only a matter of time before he meets another hooker he can't resist. (BTW, it won't surprise me at all if the show gets canceled. Most people are so stupid that they'd rather watch crap. This show is too good for them.)


Sorry thats she has a big heart of forgiveness.


So we meet again John, you still haven't told us why you are so upset? don't worry I already have the final results to the series and you lose. Will is going up the river with Blake for the doctor episode where they almost killed him, Alicia has already seen what the dark side of Will is and was right about her thoughts in college.
P.S. Infidelity or not Alicia has seen what she wants and has a big heart of forgetfulness. By the way have you been keeping up on the ratings the series is on the bubble to be canceled if things don't change.