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-Patrick Jane shows up at the CBI for the first time looking for information about Red John. When Det. Hannigan tries to escort Patrick out and Jane provokes him into punching him, Director Minelli allows Jane to stay.

-While he waits for Red John's records, Jane ends up following Lisbon on a case involving the murder of Winston Dellinger. Lisbon realizes that Jane's keen observation skills can help her solve the case.

-Using a card trick, Jane figures out the the Detective who once arrested Dellinger for vehicular manslaughter is the killer.  Turns out he had a law suit appeal coming up in front of Dellinger's father who was a judge. He offered to destroy evidence against Winston if the judge made sure the case went his way.

-When a drunken Winston continued to be a liability, he realized he had to kill him.

-Director Minelli is so grateful for Jane's help that he allows him to consult with the CBI and be a part of the search for Red John.

-An FBI agent calls Minelli asks to be kept informed of Jane's involvement in the Red John case. Minellii agrees.

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In Season 1 we already knew he was a patient at a hospital because he did a case involving his old therapist. The homeland security agent is either Red John or very close to him. His height and voice are identical to the red john that had Jane taped in a chair and read the poem to him.


i found it interesting that in the final scene when she is on the phone she mentions that patrick was in a mental asylum. Is this the writers way of confusing us and making the theory that patrick is imagining the whole thing more likely. It will be interesting to see weather there is anymore scenes like that in the coming episodes.


I just want to point out that Jane bought that couch in the first season with part of his casino winnings. He should not have it in this episode.


Yes it was interesting that the FBI aget is working for Red John, but I would be seriously disappointed if the man she was talking to is Red JOhn.After all the suspense they're just going to show him like that? And if it Red John I will be sincerely disappointed. Not to mention it would probably be the end of The Mentalist. TO me, they need more shows about Jane's past! They're always so interesting. I sincerely hope the man was not Red John. Honestly people why do you insist on going to the simplest conclusoion? I hope he's a relative of Red John or a close friend but not the actual man.


This is what we know so far as this season and the reason why Kevin Corrigan has been introduced, and is a possible suspect to be RJ. If he isn't I think he is definitely working with him. Kevin Corrigan is playing a character called Robert Kirkland and is the man in the limo at the end of Red Dawn. He is going to be in at least Episodes 7 and 8 and probably more. It is interesting to note that in episode 8 Jane goes to Visualize to see Bret Stiles to help ferret out Lorelei....so we shall see how Corrigan aka Strickland plays out...I am sure Visualize is somehow connected..I don't believe Stiles is RJ...but maybe a former leader of the cult that was usurped by Stiles? Maybe...


The man in the limo must have been Red John.
They wouldn't just randomly show us this guy and have him just turn out an accomplice. We've had enough of those.
I love how they showed us who the mole was an how she's actually been there with Red John the whole time.
Minelli probably has no idea that he's handing off info to Red John. He's definately not on my suspect list.
Hey, I may be wrong, but I am 99% sure that that man was Red John.


I really hope Kevin Corrigan(man in limo) isn't RJ! whoa...really didn't expect to see a face in the scene. In the credits, his character name is Robert Kirkland...hmm..He isn't part of the next episode credits...so i guess it'll be a long wait before we actually find out more about this Kirkland character..!


the episode was a good one with the man in the car with the fbi agent been the element of surprise and discussion....whether he is red john or not we will know about it in the episodes to come...i hope he is red john...


Can someone please tell me who the man in the car with the fbi agent is. This is driving me crazy. Surely somebody lse saw this guy. Any ideas?


How is no1 discussing who was the guy in the limo with that FBI agent who called Minelli? He can't be RJ now, can he?

The Mentalist Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Let's hope that Mr. Jane remains so amiable when he wakes up with the morning with a pounding headache and some time to think.


Teresa Lisbon. That's a nice name.