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Everyone returns to Dunder Mifflin after the Christmas break expecting Holly to have either dumped AJ or gotten engaged to him.  Neither has happened, so of course, Michael gets upset.

Pam is trying to do more around the office as office administrator, so she makes a resolutions board.  Everyone puts there resolutions up on the board but no one follows through with them.  Michael then yells at his employees for this, shoving broccoli down Kevin's mouth and forcing Creed to do a cartwheel.

Darryl takes Dwight and Andy on an adventure to meet girls.  First he takes them to a bookstore, where Darryl buys himself an electronic reader.  Then they head over to the skating rink, but Dwight leaves to go across the street to the strip club.

After watching Michael apologize to Kevin and Creed, Holly calls AJ and tells him she wants to cool things off until she gets back to Nashua.

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