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Amy finally meets Ricky's mother, Nora. Nora thinks she and Amy look alike. Ricky is not pleased about their meeting and doesn't want his mother to meet John. He tells her she has to move out and asks his adoptive parents if they can help. Ricky also gets back his test results.

Ashley is caught by the guidance counselor for not filling out her home schooling forms. George and Anne argue about whether or not it's a good idea. Grace hides away in her house because Jack might've given her an STD. Ben asks Adrian to move in with him. Madison brings home a really creepy older guy and her father kicks him out.


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I just want to say The Secret Life of the American Teenager is the best show i had ever seen i think this wold be a wonderful show for girl teens to sit down and watch it casue it wold give you some ideas about to not have sex and what can happened.


i have to say, that i don't watch this show anymore, but when I did in the first season, it was good. it followed the real life of a pregnant teen and it didn't glamorize anything too much except for the whole Ben has a lot of money. In the second season i tried to watch again, but first Amy complained all the time. Yes it sucks that you didn't know about sex, but get over it! you have a baby, its time bto forgive and move on. Then it became wayyyyy to unrealistic, yes teenagers hook up and change interests all the time, but they dont fall in love with a new person all the time especially when they have children. And the whole Adrian preggers thing... shes kinda crazy about birth control, that was a careless story line because girls who sleep around dont make careless mistakes. And now the show just has really bad actors. The premise of the show is good but they put too much talking about stuff instead of doing. the way they talk reminds me of 7th heaven, with slutty teenagers.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

Wow, this is really kind of sick. My son is dating his mother.


It's like looking in a mirror before I was into alcohol...drugs...guys...