The Vampire Diaries

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The vampire diaries
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This week on The Vampire Diaries:

  • Isobel returns. She changes alliances more times than we can even count, but she dies. The short version: Isobel killed herself to make sure she wasn't compelled to hurt Elena anymore.
  • Damon and Stefan put their house in Elena's name. That way all vampires can't get in without her say-so.
  • Bonnie visits an ancient witch burial ground so she can harness their power to defeat Klaus. The downside? She will die if she summons all of her power at once, which that will take.
  • Matt confronts Caroline and makes her tell her everything. But then he doesn't want to know and begs her to compel him to forget, which she does ... only he took vervain so he remembers after all!
  • Katherine is abducted, waking up in the custody of Klaus' witch, who is performing a spell on Alaric. When he's done, Alaric wakes up, only now he's being possessed by Klaus!
Episode Number:

It really didn't sprsriue me, that the Originals mother, would forgive Klaus. She was forced to subdue his wolf side, because she was afraid of his father Micheal AND she had an affair. I get the feeling ALL of the Originals , hated Micheal.

David and sabrina 2014

this episode truly ended shocking to have Isobel finish her work and kill herself, seeing the gravestone of her parents, having Isobel's assistant take Katherine and Alaric, Alaric being mysteriously controled by Klaus, and how the next episode will end up now with Klaus in Mystic Falls (it will be one big showdown) =O


alaric isnt klaus klaus possesed alaric


Alaric is really Klaus? Cause i just can't believe it..


I want vampire diaries now!!!!!!!!!!


i can't wint for it tomorrow the vampire diaries


Infact vampire diaries is the best of all times cos the story keeps on blending one's mind and i just cant wait to see Klaus and Charlotte Petrova. LOVE U VAMPS DIARIES


Absolutely LOVE TVD. No other show like it and the wait between episodes is almost unbearable. I have no idea how we will pass the summer. Go get 'em, Vampire Diaries!! Your fans love you!!!


Hi This is Abdelqader Hasan from Jordan
I would like to aske you about Episode 17 knowing the enemy that after you broadcat it E-mail me the episode onmy E-mail address
Thanks alot
Jordan - Amman

David and sabrina 2014

after watching the new trailer of know thy enemy, it truly is a shocker that I can't wait for new episodes anymore. When Klaus arrives, that's when the show will truly turn super exciting and shocking. I truly love this show sooooooo much that I can't stop watching it. I wonder how the show will turn out when the season finale comes and if the Salvatore brothers will save Elena to bring peace to Mystic Falls. This show just gets better and better. =)

The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

Don't mistake the fact that we haven't set you on fire in your sleep for trust.


I'll be super pissed if you lock me out.

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