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True Detective Season 1

True Detective Season 1 Finale Scene
"Form and Void"

We're reached the end of the line on True Detective Season 1. Will Marty and Rust finally catch their killer?

Back on the Job
"After You've Gone"

Hart and Cohle reunite after years apart to revisit their case from 1995. Together they hope to track down the man the believe to be the Yellow King.

Cohle 2002
"Haunted Houses"

Maggie recalls what happened to Cohle after his partnership wil Hart disintigrated and he left the force in 2002 on True Detective.

"The Secret Fate of All Life"

Hart and Cohle share the glory of a solved case on the latest True Detective.

Chasing a Lead
"Who Goes There"

Hart and Cohle follow a series of dangerous leads in the hopes of leading them to their prime suspect on True Detectives.

Evidence at Hand
"The Locked Room"

Rust and Marty dig deeper into the Dora case on True Detective. They find a major clue.

Images in Church
"Seeing Things"

Hart and Cohle are threatened with being replaced if they don't find a suspect on True Detective.

Woody Harrelson on True Detective
"The Long Bright Dark"

Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson play contrasting detectives on the True Detective premiere. They look into an occult killing.

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