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When Zeus appears to be kidnapping all the henchmen and sidekicks of the world, it's up to good and evil to team up to put a stop to it.  However, while OSI and the various evil Guilds team up, it's actually Henchman 21 and Shore Leave that lead the battle to stop Zeus.  Oh and it turns out Zeus was just a cardboard cutout / apparition and the original Hechman #1, now Zero, who's behind it all.  An army of freed henchmen take him down.

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Yo I have a new respect for Shore Leave even though hes gay(not that theres anything wrong with that)


best 30 seconds of TV EVER... Brock and the Colonel talking about old strippers tits... HA!!!!!! EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!


the conversation between Brock and the Colonel in the plane about the old strippers titties was probably the best 30 seconds of television I have seen in my life. I rewound the DVR and watched about five times, laughed my ass off. Now THAT is what two boys who've been around the loop a few times talk about after hitting a strip club.... without a doubt.

Venture Brothers Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

I fought an 8-year-old! And the only reason I won is because he fell on a spike!

Billy Quizboy

Billy the Quiz Boy, and whoever you are, must come with me!