These TV show characters have served their country in the military. Thank them for their service now.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs
This NCIS team leader is a veteran of Desert Storm action in Iraq. He was a gunnery sergeant in the Marines. We thank him for his service.

What a STUPID LIST, you add ANIMATED CHARACTERS , but leave MASH, Magnum and a BUNCH of other worthy characters, BAD FORM and Epic Fail, Gibbs is the best of your list.


You also forgot every character from M.A.S.H. (army) and J.A.G. (Navy/Marines), John Reese and Jocelyn Carter (both Army I believe) from Person of Interest, Leo Wyatt (Army) from Charmed and Elliot Stabler (Marines) from Law And Order: SVU.

@ Tesha

Right on the Money!


WTF! Three (3) cartoons made your list? hello?


at least you got John Winchester on your list....


there is a list of actors who served in the military People like Jimmy stewart, Clark gable, Kathie Bates etc. I will email the list if wanted


Re my last post - even if the characters are not meant to be in any order of merit Jack should have been the first one shown plus a lot more detail of his unparalleled service and sacrifice. He deserves an entire section by himself because he's unique. The other are 'also rans' and you should have made that clear. I hope you understand that I quite like Jack?


WTF? Jack Bauer is No.1 without question. Over and over again he lost everything he ever loved yet kept coming back to save his country - America. How you could put him behind anybody else is beyond reason. Currently he is trying to save the US President and the people of London from devastating drone strikes even though he has been vilified, labelled a terrorist (unfairly) and hunted by those he is trying to save. Nobody else comes close. It's Jack No.1 then daylight.

Amy jackey

Stefan from The Vampire Diaries.


I agree, the photos are of characters in programs. How about showing actors in programs who actually served their country.

Tina hairston

You also forgot Vincent Keller on Beauty and the Beast.

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