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How much pain can a heart take?

These 11 TV characters have fallen in love only to be left disappointed time and time again. They can't catch a break in the love department!

Their difficulties with love are all different. Whether it's betrayal, unrequited love, family interference, or death, they've gotten a raw deal when it comes to love.

Will they ever find a true love that will treat them well and love them forever?

Edith (Downton Abbey)
Poor Edith. She's probably had the worst luck of the bunch. She loved Patrick, but he was bethrothed to Mary and then he died. Edith then started a relationship with Sir Anthony Strallen, but Mary drove him away. Edith's fortune seemed to improve when Patrick showed up alive after all. Was he really Patrick or a fraud? That remains unclear, but Edith was left alone again when he left because of the family's doubts. Edith and Sir Anthony Strallen got back together and were even engaged. Edith was finally in love and getting married ... until Anthony left her at the altar. Yes, she's had terrible luck in love. And, it didn't get better from there. She started seeing Michael Gregson, a newspaper man, only to find out he was already married. He decided to go to Germany to get a divorce to marry Edith. Positive, right? Not really. He disappeared in Germany and Edith's now pregnant with his child from their one night together before he left.
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