Seder Anything: Extended Promo

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An extended version of the Gossip Girl promo for "Seder Anything." Looks like an awesome episode on tap April 20.

i think it'd vanessa in bed with chuck !!!!!!!!!!!!


What is all this nonsense about Blair and Nate? Geeeeeeeez, Blair belongs with Chuck and only Chuck, this is a silly story line! Argh!
Chair all the way.


i love Chair they belog tougther we all know that!!!


It's probably Georgina with Chuck, why? There are photos of Chuck and Georgina together on the CW's website- this probably leading to something, also it says that altough Georgina is reformed ther eis bad news for Blair- this could be her hooking up with Chuck? A theory- and is obviously bad news... CHAIR FOREVER :)


Who is Chuck making out with on the bed?! And who is that chick slamming him up againist the wall? I think it's Blair but those promos are always miss leading, it's probably just some random stripper or something...


i lovveee blair! shes the reason i watch the show! =]
and nate is soo hottt.


I love Nair couple!! They're so sweet when they're togher!

Karina  bassdorf

i think when nates arguing with blair its because of the deal she made with the g'father. makes more sense that she tries to push him to Yale with motives as she can get into yale


I have so many things to say about this promo! Did anyone else notice that the writer's have screwed up a couple of times in regards to Chuck's character? In the pilot, Chuck offers Nate some of his mother's drugs, later we find out that she's been dead for a long time. Also at the end of season 1 Chuck says he lost his virginity to Georgina and later on says it was his Italian nanny called Gina. What's going on writers? I say stop Vuck! And Nair! They're just two couples that make my skin crawl


Also, did anyone else notice that 14 secs in when vanessa bursts into Chuck's apartment, slams him up against a wall and Jenny looks very shocked, that there's a boy (NOT Jonathan or Eric) with her? Whose the mystery boy little J?

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