The Witches of Bushwick Sneak Preview

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Juliet, Jenny and Vanessa scheme hard in this preview from "The Witches of Bushwick." What do you think they're up to?
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really i missed jenny she really does ake the show more exciting it was good but with out her the show is incomplete now she is back ITS GONNA BE BETTER THAN EVER AND I KINDA HOPE JJV THE OUTSIDERS WIN THINK ABOUT IT IF WE WENT TO THERE WORLD WE WOULD BE AN OUTSIDER WELL NOT ME IM RICH LOL BUT I LOVE JENNY!


so they get revenge... then what? They're just jealous of Serena!! and Jenny go back to Hudson!!!!


Team JJV! fingers crossed that they prevail. The UES can't always win


GO GIRLS! But screw C and B also, and Nate for the kicks of it, they all deserve it.

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Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Hey Serena, it's me. I saw your thing in The Post. Just wanted you to know that Brooklyn is a great place to avoid nasty looks. Unless you throw your recycling in the regular trash or try to open a chain store with questionable labor practices.


Serena: Hey, why are you guys eating? I thought we were going to Sarabeth's.
Eric: Ah, we decided we could spread out better here. There's more room to work.
Serena: On what, your calculus homework?
Eric: Your love life. It's a little something called "Dan vs. Nate". We're here to help.
Elliot: And we brought protractors.