The Wrath of Con Clip #7

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A classic Chuck and Blair scene from "The Wrath of Con."

me too


aw, i cried after this scene :')


Wow. So much emotion. I cant wait for season finale for him to tell her that its NOT a game. I was always Chuck fan, from day that he is growing and maturing..i love him even more.


This was y favorite part of the episode, too. I have been waiting for this for almost the whole season. Ed/Leighton are amazing together. Eric was great. Chuck was the adult. Lily was the child.


ilovemusic, I agree. Except I hope Chuck tells Blair first. He needs to do this. Chuck needs to take a chance, gamble if you will. Lay his heart out and lay it bare. Blair will accept him faults and all. That is what love is and even though we both know they love each other. It's time for them both to GO FOR IT! Hold hands, go the movies, scheme, fight, exchange witty banter......just do it together as a true couple!


this scene totally breaks my heart :(


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why do I keep crying and repeating this clip! Breaks my heart! But Chair does that well, they love hard and they come down hard! I hope the writer's know what a golden ticket they have with these two. Put them together in the finale and win the heart of the viewers please!


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! chuck has a heart!!!!!!!! but hes incredibly stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Chuck, you do make her happy! You need to realize that both of you will be happy with each other, instead of miserable apart. This scene really shows that he loves her so much, he's willing to let her go, and that's a lot for Chuck Bass. I like that in this scene, you really see both of their vulnerabilities and insecurities. Everyone knows they are in love, even Nate. I hope Serena tells Blair what Chuck said!

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