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Stefan is not himself on the episode "Under Control." Check out the official CW promo for the episode now.

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To omfgg...
Damon says:
If yo think there is not another part to this, than you have not been paying attention Something like that


what did damon say at the end?


nahahaha... sexi side of stefan!!! SEXI SIDE OF STEFAN!!! but still nawww... poor stefan. hes probably gunna end up eating every1... SEXI SIDE OF STEFAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


HAHA Stefan is going to be amazing, he is going too be sexy!♥♥♥


I love Stefan's new side its sexy!! and Damon's is becoming a nice guy even if he says he's not he is deep i possibly couldnt choose between them so thats why i'm Team Salvatore!!


Awesome! Can't wait to see Stefan's bad side!

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