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Uncle John Gilbert wasted no time making his presence felt this week. He showed up and there was immediate tension with Jenna. Jeremy asked why and John said it was because they used to sleep together. He was joking.

We think.

While John was in town for the 150th anniversay party of Mystic Falls, he attended a Founder's Council meeting and warned everyone that there was a vampire problem. Blood banks were being drained, bodies were going missing. The official report that Vicki Donovan died from an overdose? That wasn't gonna fly, he said. Damon was also at this meeting and wondered what John's deal was. But Damon had another problem at home: Stefan was trying to ween himself off human blood on his own. Those two bags last week left him worried about what would happen if he continued down this path.

It was hinted, strongly, that Stefan has a history with human blood and what it does to him. But it was never revealed this week.

Elena was worried about her man, especially when everyone attended a Founder's Council party and Stefan was drunk. He said the alcohol helped suppress his cravings, but the dude wasn't himself. When a guy bumped into Elena on the dance floor and was a jerk about it, Stefan compelled him and almost made a scene. It soon got worse:

Matt's mother was a drunken mess, as she dealt with Vicki's death. Tyler was a drunken mess for the same reason. These two actually started making out at the party, a scene Matt saw and pounced on. He pulled Tyler away, and then Tyler went off. He beat Matt up pretty badly and then, when Alaric came to the rescue, we saw a glimpse of smoke (or something) emanate from Tyler's mouth. Another hint that he's a werewolf?

As we tried to digest this, John went up to Damon, outside the party, and introduced himself. He said he knew all about the tomb and even that Damon had opened it. Damon's reaction? He snapped John's neck and tossed him off the ledge -- but John then returned to the party minutes later! How? We soon found out: John has a ring just like Alaric's.

When Alaric and Damon pressed him about how, he let loose with a slew of information: he and Elena's father inherited the rings. John kept his, and gave his brother's ring to Isobel (!). He also told Isobel to find Damon when she expressed a desire to be turned into a vampire. This guy knows everything there is to know about Mystic Falls, including stuff about Katherine. Damon is fascinated, scared and confused.

Stefan shares a lot of those emotions because he came very close to killing the guy that was rude on the dance floor when he encountered him again in the parking lot. It didn't help that he got a taste of Mrs. Donovan's blood after he found her crying at the party, wounded from the aforementioned brawl. He then confessed to Elena that he'd never felt these kinds of urges before. Elena comforted him and viewers were left to think it was a breakthrough in his recovery...

... until the episode ended with Stefan drinking a glass of blood at home.

In other storyline news:

  • Jeremy read Elena's diary and seems to now know everything. Uh-oh.
  • Following his mother's embarrassing make-out incident at the party, Matt ordered her to leave his life.
  • Following his embarrassing make-out incident, and subsequent fight, at the party, Tyler was slapped hard across the face by his father.
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This is a message to Sarah, I think Tyler deserved it, he should not have done that. His father had every right to slap him like that.


I don't think Tyler should have been slapped taht hard. I mean come one maybe a little slap, but not that hard.

David and sabrina 2014

This episode was shocking with wild twists and turns. As always, the human makes a wrong and wild turn that drives Stefan down with every drink he has. Elena feels worried about him and somehow, Damon isn't helping enough. It's kind of lame that John arrives in the show when he only has ideas in from Isobel instead of being a good helper. It was also shocking the way this went but luckilly, solutions are the best way to end problems like an obstacle. ;) =) =O


OMG i loved that elena and damon get to be together
i love them both BUT THEN I LOVE STEFAN


OMG i loved this episode i mean there was a lot fake blood i think they need to loook it real b/c it was totally fake
i mean i get to see more DAMON


So what is it with the ring that Saltzman wears and now Uncle John's wearing one too. WHere did the ring come from and it keeps you from dying? This is getting confusing....


These episodes are just getting better and better. Is it just me, or is Damon absolutely hilarious? Gosh, it makes me forget that he used to be an ass earlier in the season! (: Anyways, Stefan needs to control himself because he's going to scare Elena off sooner or later. Even though she's pretty comfortable with his craze. And how nosey is Jeremy?! I'd slap him if I knew he read my journal. Can't wait for next week!!!


I swear to god if elena and damon get it on i'm killing the writers!Seriously i know damons hot but stelena is FOREVERS! ( if not i will have to go on a hunting spree)


i think that damon and elena will have a building relationship in the next episode. they also showed some of that in last weeks episode on the hunt for stefan and damon really is starting to care for elena now that he knows katherine isnt interested in him. TEAM STEFAN!!


I think this episode will be great! And because Stefan's now this badass, totally different person, it's the perfect oppertunity for Damon to come into the picture, sympathizing with Elena as she freaks out about Stefan being this way, and then the two end up together because she doesn't trust Stefan anymore, hahahahaha

The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

I haven't hunted a human in... God, way too long.


Turn it up a little bit. It's not annoying yet.