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For all the Gossip Girl fans out there, it all comes down to tonight's episode, "The Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate."

By now we've seen the steamy romps, heard all the secrets and wondered who will prevail in this cat-and-mouse game.

So to get some inside scoop - some Gossip Girl spoilers straight from the source - TV Guide caught up with Ed Westwick.

The British actor, 21, who plays Gossip Girl's most evil Upper East Sider, Chuck Bass, gives some insight into tonight's episode - and into the many layers of this twisted group of friends... and enemies.

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TVGuide: I'm loving the show. It's totally addictive.
Ed Westwick: That's fantastic, I'm really glad to hear it.

TVGuide: Now, I've actually already seen this week's episode...
Ed Westwick: Oh, have you? A sneak preview, huh?

TVGuide: Yeah. I thought it was the best one!
Ed Westwick: It feels like it's kind of the climax almost, because everything is boiled up and it's ready to explode. There's the tiff that happens between Nate and Chuck. Blair has her breakdown.... S--t hits the fan, so to speak.

TVGuide: Blair's world basically gets turned upside down.
Ed Westwick: Yeah, I think what everyone got from the previous episodes is that she's a control freak and has this hold on every aspect in her life — it appears that way. In this episode, everything is ripped away from her.

TVGuide: Do you think Nate and Chuck will reconcile someday?
Ed Westwick: I have no idea. Who knows what angle the writers will take when they come back. I'm incredibly excited to see what happens. There is that relationship and that history of two best friends, and there's always that possibility of getting back together, but Chuck Bass [hasn't] really done a light thing [by sleeping with Blair].

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