Are Nate-Blair-Chuck Kissing Photos Just a Ruse?

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Same girl, same outfit, same afternoon, same NYC street.

Passionately embracing ... two different costars?

The photos of Leighton Meester (Blair) shooting a scene yesterday for Gossip Girl in front of the Sony building in Manhattan kissing on again, off again love interest Ed Westwick (Chuck) AND ex-beau Chace Crawford (Nate) have caused a stir.

So what's the deal? Who will get together, Nair or Chair? Is she really kissing both boys or is this just a dream sequence - or better yet, an elaborate hoax?

E! Online asked Josh Schwartz himself.

Leighton Meester Kissing Pics

When asked if the dual paparazzi photos of Blair kissing Chuck and Nate may have been just a red herring to throw off fans, the Gossip Girl executive producer, said, after a long pause. "Hmm... that would be a great idea!"

An inside source who works on the show also reports to E! that "If she was in the same outfit it was probably to throw off the photogs. But she does kiss both [Nate and Chuck] at some point in the last couple of episodes."

Either way, we can tell you for a fact that both are taking an interest in her and the Chuck-Blair-Nate love triangle is heating up. What can we look forward to in that respect as the second season of the show comes to an end?

"That will be a big part of the storyline," Schwartz said. "It's graduation, so it's all about what is the future for these characters and the show? Where's everyone going to be next year? Chuck, Blair and Nate are obviously a big story."

Also on tap: "Georgina Sparks (Michelle Trachtenberg) returns, which is always fun. She comes back very different from the last time you saw her."

Click to enlarge a sampling of the scandalous pics in question ...

Blair and ...
Chair-ish the Moment
Kiss Me, Bass!
Blate Kisses
A Chair Kiss
Chair Love
Nate and Blair Again!
Chuck and Blair Kiss!

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