Gossip Girl Round Table: "The Age of Dissonance"

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As fans venture to our The Age of Dissonance" include memorable quotes, plot holes, characters bidding farewell, the new Blair, and her multiple suitors ...


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?

DANdy: Nate referring to Julian as an "asshat." Accurate, and great timing.

Mister Meester: After Dan has his epiphany about Rachel and tells Blair, casually, that he banged her in the costume closet. Do what you want with that. Classic Dan.

Gossip Guy: I'm actually going to give this one to the beautiful Nate. I think when he slicks his man bangs away from his eyes, he's able to deliver some killer lines like his cheap shot at Jeremy Piven of Entourage with "should have gone with mercury poisoning."

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2. Will the revelation that people hate and are out to get her transform the Blair Waldorf we know and love? What will be her next move?

DANdy: Hopefully bringing back the Nelly Yuki Project. I want to know what that was, and even if she personally didn't take Blair down, that girl needs to get hers.

Mister Meester: If you thought old Blair spoke her mind, the new Blair - minor Gossip Girl spoiler alert - is really not going to hold back. Even at Nate's family reunion. She'll also be locking lips with more than one person next week alone ...

Gossip Guy: I kind of assumed Blair Waldorf always ruled her empire with the idea that everyone hated her... so I would assume this will only make her stronger!

3. Bigger plot hole: Blair being negged from Yale for a relatively minor incident, or anything involving Vanessa?

Mister Meester: Blair's "hazing" of Ms. Carr was fairly insignificant and quite deniable ... are we to believe her acceptance to Yale was rescinded on pure hearsay?

Gossip Guy: Oh come on, why did you have to throw in Vanessa there? I would have loved to have gone with poor Blair's ridiculous plot, but I'm sorry, I have to go with Vanessa here. First off, why is she always around the school when she doesn't even go there? I don't buy the whole crappy-character-making-a-crappy-documentary-about-a-crappy-play.

DANdy: Ooh, tough one. Blair being blackballed by Yale after one disciplinary issue and an anonymous phone call to the admissions office is a huge stretch. But so is Vanessa ... in general. Unlike Dan and Serena or Blair and, well, anyone, V and Nate aren't convincing enough to make me care about (forced) tension between them.

4. Should Carter Baizen stick around for awhile?

Gossip Guy: No way. I think Sebastian Stan has some more men to sleep with and fathers to overthrow on NBC's amazing new Kings to possibly be ruining my Chair.

DANdy: No. Some guys have all the luck. Sebastian Stan already dates Leighton Meester in real life. We don't need him trying to get in her pants on Gossip Girl too.

Mister Meester: Sorry to say, I kinda like this guy. He's a complete d!ck, and even more morally bankrupt than Chuck, but I like the non-stop drama Carter brings to the table. Mr. Baizen and Mr. Bass could engage in some truly epic feuds.


Chuck Bass' mystery girl and arch-nemesis together? WTF!?

5. Who are you happier to be rid of: Rachel or Elle?

Gossip Guy: Definitely Elle. I've given up on a Derena a long time ago. Now anyone who messes with my Chair needs to be off the show. See previous question.

DANdy: Rachel. Worst. Teacher. Ever.

Mister Meester: Both needed to go, but Elle most of all. The Eyes Wide Shut thing never worked for me, while at least the insane Iowan went out with a bang (literally!) by sleeping with Dan when anyone could have walked in, and by going out of her way to trash a high school student on a gossip blog. Didn't see that coming!

BONUS QUESTION: In light of all the recent Gossip Girl spoilers and photos circulating online, we have to ask: Chuck and Blair or Nate and Blair?

Mister Meester: Eventally, probably Chair. But for now, keep us guessing! I love the chase (or the Chace, if you want to take that another way) most of all!

DANdy: Nair. Not because I necessarily want Nate and Blair to live happily ever after, but because them being together will show us what Chuck Bass is really made of. He's gotta fight for her, right? Right. Talk about a love triangle for the ages.

Gossip Guy: I have green beer to drink soon so I'll keep the bonus short. Chair.


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Should have gone with mercury poisoning.


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