Round Table: "A Southern Gentleman Prefers Blondes"

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Welcome to the Gossip Girl Round Table! The Gossip Girl Insider staff comes together each Tuesday to analyze the burning questions, classic quotes and memorable moments from the previous evening's episode of our favorite show.

This week's hot Gossip Girl topics include memorable lines and fashion statements, the future of Nate and Blair, Rufus proposing to Lily, Gabriel's scheme and much more.

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1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?

DANdy: When Gabriel asks Poppy what the hell Butter is. Ha! Like anyone well-connected in New York City would not be familiar with this popular hot spot, owned by Paula Abdul's ex-boyfriend, JT Torregiani.

Gossip Guy: It may be the Chair fan in me, but I got all giddy through the whole scene where Chuck and Blair met up while she was spying. We'll give the best quote to Chuck Bass for noticing the beret and immediately asking who she's spying on.

Mister Meester: This week was a tie for me. First, Gabriel telling Poppy, "Serena didn't steal me. She swept me away." Awful. No self-respecting dude would say that, even in the midst of an investment scam. Second, I was wondering how Blair could possibly know Gabriel's story was bogus when she said: "I know for a fact Butter was closed that night because I used their bartender for the Nelly Yuki SAT sabotage party!" Genius.

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2. Best fashion moment of the night - Chuck's basketball attire, Serena's "dress" at the co-op party, or the "OMJC" shirts at Georgina's camp?

DANdy: Gotta go with Serena's "dress." I liked how it drew attention to her "giant boobs."

Mister Meester: OMJC was a hilarious touch, but you gotta go with Serena wearing lingerie to an upscale party. Also great? After trying that cleavage-baring undershirt dress on, she opted for another, but Blair made her change back.

Gossip Guy: Oh this is an easy one, definitely Chuck's basketball uniform. A close second is his purple bowtie he wore with a pink shirt.

3. Harder to believe: The distance between NYU and Columbia constituting a long-distance relationship, Lily and friends forking over cash in minutes in this economy, or any scene involving Vanessa?

Mister Meester: I can buy Lily's loose purse-strings, as it was a feel-good investment in a start-up company that was probably a drop in the bucket for her, given Bart's billions. V's drunken scene didn't bother me too much either. Even Nate worrying about his "long-distance" relationship made some sense, until he got the apartment of course. They'd both be willing to go three miles to school, but not six to see each other?

DANdy: The NYU-Columbia conundrum. It's one thing to understand your girlfriend and allow her to enjoy the occasional scheming, Nathaniel; it's another to acquiesce completely to her spoiled, non-subway riding nature and shell out such big bucks on a luxury apartment. Especially in this economy.

Gossip Guy: Phew. I thought I was going to have to think about this and then you gave me the easy out. Definitely the useless Vanessa. Did we really need her pointless "I Never" scene? Ooh, she made the big reveal about Rufus not having enough money to send Dan to school. Big whoop. He knew that, retard. Did you not hear about his catering job?

4. Should Rufus propose to Lily?

Gossip Guy: Yes! It would solve all your financial problems and score you the incredibly hot Lily. Plus, with Kelly Rutherford's pregnancy, we have a natural storyline where Serena and Dan get a half brother / sister. Can't wait!

DANdy: Is the sky blue? Are Sasha and Malia Obama the cutest kids on the planet? Should Chuck install a camera in Serena's bedroom that allows viewers watch every minute of her action between the sheets? Yes!

Mister Meester: Totally. I've always loved these two together, and weird step-sibling issues / love child aside, I have a feeling the fifth time will be the charm for Lily.

Blair and Nate Photo

Are these two bound for unexciting, domestic bliss in Murray Hill?

5. Should Blair move in with Nate?

Mister Meester: Yes. If only to see the ploys - dressing up as the pizza delivery guy, calling in a bomb threat from his limo outside, leasing the place next door, etc. - Chuck would conjure up to disrupt Nair's domestic love nest.

Gossip Guy: No way! Blair held Chuck's hand while they slept in the limo and that was way hotter than all her moments with Nate combined.

DANdy: No. Considering their age (18) and her near-actions this week (getting Chucked by her ex in the backseat of a limo... again), it's probably too soon for this couple.

BONUS QUESTION: What do you predict will happen next in the Serena-Poppy-Gabriel saga?

DANdy: Rufus will go bankrupt as a result of the scheme. The family will try to sell Vanessa on the black market to make back its money... but no one will buy her.

Mister Meester: Poppy and Gabriel have clearly devised a plan to bilk Serena's family and friends. The question is who will take them down. All I know is that it had better involve Georgina Sparks going undercover. I cannot wait for the reformed, Jesus-loving girl we witnessed last night to drop the act and revert to normal.

Gossip Guy: I get bored of this crime caper story line that feels out of place in Gossip Girl.


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[still playing 'I Never'] I never slept with Chuck Bass twice. [drinks faster]


[playing 'I Never'] I never slept with Chuck Bass. [drinks]