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Blair and Nate are walking around the Village, talking about Blair's mixed feelings about NYU.

Nate wants to show her around to all the great Village pizza places and pot dealers, etc. He proposes they try out the subway, which will be the quickest way for them to see each other next year.

Blair? Subway? Not happening.

Rufus, Jenny and Dan are shopping around for stuff for Dan to take to Yale. Rufus says selling the gallery will give him enough money to pay for both of their college and get some "breathing room" to figure out what to do next.

Rufus spots an antique ring in a case, and Dan notices. He says he is just looking. Rufus answers his phone and walks away, and Dan shows Jenny the ring.

Blair goes to Serena, who complains that Gabriel never has time for her because of his new company, then she admits that they got married in Spain, sort of.

Blair says Gabriel's constant disappearing act sounds fishy, and proposes they spy on him. Serena trusts Gabriel, so she refuses.

Nate and Chuck are playing basketball. Nate says he feels weird talking to Chuck about Blair, but Chuck insists that they're friends and Nate has no reason to worry about him getting in the way. Nate admits he is worried about being all the way across the city from Blair next year.

Rufus and Lily talk to Serena and Gabriel to get to know Serena's new boy. He talks about his family's tradition in the tobacco industry, which he broke out from to start a company installing wireless and other new technologies in the developing world.

Lily mentions she is hosting a co-op meeting tomorrow, and invites Gabriel. Rufus asks if they want to watch a movie, but Gabriel abruptly leaves.

Serena says he never has time for her, and he promises the contracts for his new business will be done in a week, and then he'll be all hers.

Blair is waiting outside, in her spy beret. Chuck pulls up and recognizes the beret. He wants in on the intrigue. They stand behind a car and catch Gabriel greeting ... Poppy directly outside of Serena's house.

The next morning, Blair calls S and tells her to dump Gabriel because he's two-timing her, and S says she will find out what's up.

Just then, Gabriel comes to Serena's place and says there is something she should know. He tells her he's pretending to be with Poppy again - because she is the one who hooked him up with all his investors.

If she finds out about his relationship with Serena, she will pull all her investors out, and his company will be toast. Serena agrees to let Gabriel play both sides for a week, until his contracts are secure, as long as there's nothing physical with Poppy.

Gabriel says S has nothing to worry about.

Blair tells Nate she ran into Chuck outside Serena's apartment while she was spying, and he seems worried about them interacting again. Nate isn't happy despite her protesting that it's not a big deal.

Vanessa says the Humphrey kids should give Rufus their blessing to propose to Lily, even though their patchwork family with Serena, Eric, and Chuck would be weird. Rufus is on the phone and grumbles that something is "not what we discussed."

Blair advises Serena to dump Gabriel while helping her try on dresses.

Serena says she trusts him, but Blair says Gabriel's story is that he fell in love with her the first night they met is bogus.

That night she was blacked out with Georgina.

Serena still says she loves him though, so they have a contest about who's boyfriend is more trusting and trustworthy, and, well no one wins really.

Vanessa walks in on Rufus in the gallery, and he tells her that it might be months before they find a buyer for the gallery because of the real estate market. He then tells her that he wants to sell the Lincoln Hawk catalog to a music publishing company, but it's not worth that much either.

Nate invites Chuck to check out an apartment in Murray Hill, halfway between NYU and Columbia. He wants to lease it for him and Blair.

He says he brought Chuck as a friend, but Chuck says Nate is simply marking his territory over Blair. Nate tells Chuck to never go near her again.

Then Chuck's phone rings, and it's Blair, so he takes it outside.

Blair is calling to get advice on how to deal with Gabriel, and he says he will help. He asks for Poppy's phone number.

The co-op party is underway at Lily's. Blair steals away Gabriel and takes him on a whirlwind tour of Serena's bedroom. Just then, Chuck shows up with Poppy.

In front of Blair, Chuck, and Serena, Poppy gets all up in Gabriel's face for betraying her. He's a horrible boyfriend, so she's pulling all her investors unless he leaves with her right now.

Gabriel says he can't leave because he's been swept away by Serena.

Poppy says his company is toast and leaves in a huff. Gabriel says he needs some air, so he leaves, too.

"Whoops," is all a genuinely surprised Chuck can muster.

Dan walks in on Vanessa nursing a six pack at his house. She wants to play "I Never." V goes first: "I never slept with Chuck Bass," she says, and drinks.

"I never slept with Chuck Bass twice," is her next effort.

Dan is flabbergasted but he's there for his good friend.

Rufus and Jenny are walking to the co-op meeting, and Jenny asks if he's okay. She knows he wants to propose, and he says it's not a good time because... well, he doesn't want to worry Jenny with financial issues.

She tells him he can do and be anything he wants to do and be, just like he always told her. Jenny's a good kid.

Gabriel makes a mysterious phone call in the hall as Chuck watches. Serena walks up to her man and tells him how happy she is that he picked her.

He offhandedly mentions that he's going to be out of work and back in North Carolina before he knows it, and that Poppy's investors would have tripled their money in a couple of months, but now they're not interested because Poppy is mad at Gabriel.

S tells him he can find new investors right here at this co-op meeting, and that she will help him. Chuck walks up as S leaves and asks Gabriel about the story of how he met S a year ago.

Nate walks up behind Blair at the co-op party and surprises her. He shows her the keys to the one bedroom and asks her to move in with him.

She says yes, just as Chuck walks up and tells them Gabriel's story about meeting Serena at the club Butter. B knows he is full of it now, because Butter was closed that night.

She tells Nate she needs to get to the bottom of this, and he demands that she go to the apartment with him and watch movies instead.

Serena helps Gabriel pitch his venture to Lily, and Lily signs on. Rufus corners Gabriel and says he also wants in, but Gabriel says his money is better suited in mutual funds and the like.

Rufus insists he get in on the deal.

Blair and Chuck drag Serena away and insist that Gabriel is lying to her. S doesn't believe them, accuses them of using this to get back together, and storms out.

Chuck says the only person who knows what really happened that night is Georgina Sparks. They need to find her.

Dan and Vanessa lay drunk on the floor and worry about Yale, Rufus, and whether Rufus will propose. They're drunk. It's funny.

Blair tells Nate she needs to see the apartment tomorrow. Nate doesn't want to come, but he allows Blair to go, because he trusts her.

Chuck and Blair venture out in his limo to see Georgina, who is now at some sort of camp in the wilderness. They sleep in the limo until visiting hours ... the next morning.

When they wake up, Chuck tells Blair he should tackle Georgie alone, because she and G are enemies. Blair sees that he just asked her to come along so he could get her alone. Chuck asks if she really only came because of Serena, and leaves her in the limo.

Chuck walks among many people in "OMJC" shirts, and Georgina runs over and hugs him, asking if he's also been saved.

She tells him how she has changed by letting Jesus into her heart, and she's happy now. He asks her about Gabriel. She says she's never met him, and they never went to Butter that night.

Serena and Gabriel wake up in his bed, and she tells him about Blair and Chuck's vendetta against him. He writes it off and laughs.

Serena then baits the boyfriend she trusts by asking him what he thought of Georgina's red hair. He says it was unforgettable.

She says she needs to go home and rushes out.

Shortly after, Poppy walks in and jumps on Gabriel, thanking him for his "performance" last night. This confirms what we already pretty much knew, that the con is totally on.

S calls Chuck and says she knows Gabriel is lying about the night they met, but she doesn't know why. Chuck says he will soon be back to help... except that Blair took his limo, he realizes.

Poppy recaps their plan as Gabriel checks a voicemail from Serena - saying they need to talk. Gabriel tells Poppy she did bad research, and Serena is tipped off that his story about meeting her is bogus.

They hear a knock at the door, and Poppy hides in the bedroom as Gabriel answers the door ... to see Rufus. Bringing his check in person.

B goes to see the apartment that Nate leased, and she tells him she made a mistake by going with Chuck last night instead of him.

He says it's okay. She asks why he asked her to move in, and he admits he was jealous. When she says he doesn't trust her, he says he's sorry.

Chuck and Georgina are waiting on a park bench for his taxi when poor Serena calls from Gabriel's apartment. She says she was too late, and now Gabriel is gone, and so is all of his stuff.

Poppy rushes in and acts shocked, "I gave him half a million dollars!"

Rufus walks in on hungover Dan, who says it's okay he can't go to Yale. Jenny and Dan bought Rufus the old ring he was looking at.

Rufus thanks them, says he will pay them back, and says he made arrangements so that all their money problems are now over.

Chuck tells Georgina he came to find her with Blair, who he's going to see when he gets back to the city.

She changes her mind about coming along, and they get in the taxi.

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Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

[still playing 'I Never'] I never slept with Chuck Bass twice. [drinks faster]


[playing 'I Never'] I never slept with Chuck Bass. [drinks]