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With all the photos we've seen from the set, it's no secret that Privileged star Joanna Garcia is making her presence felt on Gossip Girl this summer.

We know she plays a love interest for Nate Archibald (Chace Crawford) but fans are wondering what they can expect from her character, Bree Buckley.

Various sites describe Bree Buckley as a cheeky politically progressive, "slightly evil Miss America-type who hails from a conservative Southern family."

Well, she's not giving away too much, but Garcia is clarifying a few things about her Gossip Girl role and what's it like to kiss one of the show's hunks.

First off, Garcia insists that Bree isn't a bad girl.

"That's kind of a big myth! She certainly is not a bad girl at all! She comes from a different world - from a rival Texas elite family that has a lot of beef with the Archibalds. So there's a lot of tension that comes from that," she said.

"There are some interesting stories that are a little dramatic. But there's a great deal of getting along between Nate and Bree," Joanna said.

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Garcia also notes that her Gossip Girl role is nothing like a Carrie Prejean clone: "No. I don't know where that leaked into the press," Joanna Garcia said.

"She certainly isn't a debutant or a beauty queen or anything like that. She's very grounded, very sweet, and very smart. And she certainly isn't blonde!"

Since Garcia has been cast to play Nate Archibald's love interest, the two have more scenes and, understandably, spend a decent amount of time together.

"Chase and I have spent a ridiculous amount of time together in the last few weeks, and he welcomed me with open arms," Garcia said, adding that kissing Chace Crawford is "everything you would imagine him to be, and more!"

At present, Joanna Garcia is only scheduled to be in four episodes on Gossip Girl but the actress is open to the possibility of returning for more.

"For now it's four, but there's always the possibility of more. I would love to do more, simply because I love the people. I wish I could claim full responsibility for every decision made in my career," the actress, 29, says.

"I have a team of people that have very brilliant opinions. The good thing is that the people on my team are in the Gossip Girl family, so hopefully, at some point I can talk them into letting me come and play," she said.

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