Chris O'Donnell Doesn't Wanna Screw Up NCIS: Los Angeles

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As a temporary love interest on season two of Grey's Anatomy, Chris O’Donnell was unable to truly come between Meredith and Derek.

Now, the actor is hoping for a similar outcome to his starring role on NCIS: Los Angeles; he doesn't wanna come between loyal fans and their enjoyment of this franchise.

“Chris and I are a bonus,” LL Cool J told TV Guide Magazine this week, acknowledging that the star of this new show is its title. “But I think we have to live up to the level of the brand. [The audience] has to be patient with us while we get into the zone, and know that we’re trying our best to make it great and to represent NCIS.”

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Added O'Donnell:

“We’ve been given a great opportunity, and we don’t want to screw it up. We’re very lucky, especially in the time slot we’ve been given... so many people have come up to me who love NCIS and want to know what’s happening with this. You just don’t want to let those people down.”

It's doubtful they will.

The show will focus on these two stars, as their characters will typically be out in the field. Paired with NCIS on Tuesday nights, there's little doubt this is TV's most likely new hit.

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