90210 Review: "Unmasked"

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This was the first 90210 episode of the season we really didn't care for. What did you think of it?

Catch up on events from it via our detailed recap of "Unmasked," and read the review below to see why we disliked it so much.

Annie as a rebel? Good. Annie as an ignorant, young actress? Lame. We love what the show has done with Annie, as the character was in desperate need of a dark side. But it's hard to believe she'd fall for this concept of Jasper's (VERY) low budget movie and be convinced that she needs to steal a car for it.

It seems clear Jasper is aware that Annie ran over his uncle and is setting her up for a fall.

Liam on 90210

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Sasha is pregnant? Snooze! We've been there so many times with pregnancies on high school dramas. There's only so many ways this storyline can end. We'll be watching to see if 90210 has a twist in mind, but it feels like an unoriginal attempt at drama at the moment.

The introduction of Ivy? Forced. We like the idea of a surfer babe. We like the idea of Liam falling for her. But the interactions between he and Ivy seemed contrived this week. Before the show's opening credits even ran, they were screaming at each other in the parking lot and it was clear they'd clash, reach a mutual understanding and start to crush on one another. But did it all have to happen in one episode?!?

Patience, 90210. It's okay to slowly draw out relationships sometimes.

There were still a series of quotes from the episode we liked and took note of. They're listed below:

Adrianna: Marilyn never loved and lost Navid.
Naomi: She was pretty torn up over JFK. | permalink
Dixon: You a farmer? Your Halloween costume?
Liam: I'm not wearing a costume. | permalink
Teddy: If I didn't know better, I'd think you didn't like me.
Silver: I don't. | permalink
Debbie: Being high doesn't mean you can't see the truth. There are plenty of savvy pot-smokers out there. | permalink

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I am so sorry that you're such a sexist ass.


Naomi: I can't be distracted by rock-hard abs and thighs that have driven countries to war.
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