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This was the first disappointing 90210 episode of the season. We'll explain why in the brief review below, and then in more detail on the show page's review...

We'll start with the storyline that ended the hour: Dixon broke up with Sasha because the couple never the left the house or did anything. She was too ashamed to be seen with a high school kid. But a few hours after he ended the the relationship, Sasha broke the news to Dixon: she's pregnant.

Annie, meanwhile, was in almost as much trouble. Jasper somehow convinced her to steal a car for a scene in his movie. She was hesitant at first, but then embraced how rebellious it felt. We like the idea of an outlaw Annie... but being convinced that she needs to steal a car because Jasper and his hand-held camera are making a movie?!? That's a stretch.

Adrianna and Navid are still broken up. We didn't even see the latter this episode.

But we did see a softer side to Teddy, as he learned about Silver's sick mom and opened up to her about his mom dying of cancer a couple years ago. That's why he moved back out to California. These two ended up bonding by taking their frustrations out on some tennis balls.

Debbie was frustrated with Harry. She expressed her view that she thought Kelly was crushing on her husband, and it didn't help when he lied to Debbie about having lunch with Kelly, after she told him the news about her mom's illness. Later, during a phone conversation, Harry realized that it was true. Kelly did seem to have a crush on him.

Meanwhile, Naomi broke up with the dean's son because she has actual feelings for the much hotter Jaime. Good call, girl!

Finally, we met Ivy. Well, Liam met Ivy and it didn't go well at first. She's new to the school and to the surf team and these two butted heads for most of the episode. But after he beat her in a one-on-one surfing matchup, she respected him a bit more and they bonded a bit at the beach club Halloween party. These two will clearly hook-up in the near future, and we wish the show has made that a bit less obvious. The series of between them on this episode felt forced.

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I am so sorry that you're such a sexist ass.


Naomi: I can't be distracted by rock-hard abs and thighs that have driven countries to war.
Adrianna: What country has ever been driven to war over thighs?