Gossip Girl Review: "Enough About Eve"

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Last night's Gossip Girl was full of backstabbing, lying, deceit and plot twists.

Classic Gossip Girl, right? Normally that's the show's bread and butter, but in this case, it was ever-so-slightly disappointing and actually felt quite a bit forced.

First off, Vanessa was a central component of the scheming, which involved herself and Blair jockeying for the honor of giving the coveted NYU freshman toast.

Caught in the middle was Olivia (Hilary Duff), getting played from both sides.

As good as we're making it sound here, 1. We just don't buy Vanessa as a backstabbing b!tch, and 2. Some of the twists were too far-fetched, even for GG.

Specifically, Blair pimped out boyfriend Chuck Bass, without his knowledge, to a gay NYU alumnus who held power over deciding who gave the big speech.

Awesome Blair Picture

Blair looks so classically gorgeous. Which she is. But she's also mean!

This led to Chuck being kissed by a guy, and he did not like it. Well, at least we didn't, because it kind of felt like a cheap publicity stunt by the show's writers.

The lies didn't stop with that plot line. Serena and Nate pulled some interesting deceit of their own to get Carter Baizen off the hook with the Buckleys.

The problems with this subplot were that 1. Nate caring about Carter made very little sense, and 2. Even after we realized what he was up to, that made little sense, and 3. Carter inexplicably ditched Serena after they did their thing because he's too proud. Huh?

That said, it wasn't all bad, and there were plenty of great lines to go around.

For all the details, check out our comprehensive recap of  "Enough About Eve."

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