Modern Family Recap: "The Bicycle Thief"

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On last night's Modern Family, each of the fathers of the family were asked what it means to be a great dad and it led to three great stories.

Phil was trying to teach his son responsability when he bought him a new bicycle; Cameron and Mitchell took Lily to a toddler class to play with other kids; and Jay tried to bond with Manny over installing a ceiling fan.

Claire and Phil Meet Desiree

Find out what happened in each of their adventures and what they thought it took to be a good dad in our recap of "The Bicycle Thief."

Now, for some of the best Modern Family quotes from the episode, most of which were uttered by Jay and Manny during their bonding time.

Manny [about his father]: He's not afraid of anything, he doesn't wear a seat belt when he drives. He killed a bear once
Jay: Oh yeah? Was the bear in the passenger seat? | permalink
Jay [about Manny's father]: The only way his dad is like superman is that he landed in this country illegally | permalink
Phil [about Desiree]: Am I attracted to her? Yes. Would I ever act on it? No, no way. Not while my wife is still alive | permalink
Manny: One time my dad was struck by lightning. That's why he can drink as much as he wants | permalink

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