Family Guy Review: "Dog Gone"

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On this week's Family Guy, after accidentally running over a dog and discovering no one cared, Brian set out to prove that an animal's life was just as important as a human's in "Dog Gone."

Lois Receives the Collar

Meanwhile, on the far funnier side plot, Lois hired a maid, Consuela, to help out around the house.  Sure we called last week's episode offensive and racist, but for some reason we loved this maid.  We may have felt a little guilty about it, but her brutal honesty and stubborness killed in every scene she was in.

Overall, the episode was great.  The main plot showed heart with the usual Stewie and Brian bonding moments, while the sideplot provided plenty of laugh out loud moments.  Here are some of our favorite Family Guy quotes from the half hour:

Brian: I can't believe our society values the life of a dog less than a human. It's infuriating.
Stewie: That is infuriating. Maybe you should go bark at a tree and then chew on your balls for an hour. | permalink
Stewie [on the phone]: You're the new housekeeper aren't you?
Consuela: Si.
Stewie: I don't want to point fingers but I'm missing about thousand dollars of play money.
Consuela: I take.
Stewie: What? You took it?
Consuela: Si.
Stewie: Then give it back.
Consuela: Come get it, bitch. | permalink
Lois: That's a great idea, maybe you can join PETA.
Peter: Join me for what?
Lois: No, PETA, the organization.
Peter: What organization?
Lois: PETA.
Peter: what?
Lois: PETA is an acronym, Peter.
Peter: No I'm not, I'm Catholic.
Stewie: Are we really doing this? | permalink

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