First Look at Katee Sackhoff on The Big Bang Theory

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In case the mere appearance of Katee Sackhoff on The Big Bang Theory isn't exciting enough, take note:

The former Battlestar Galactica star will get naked on the CBS sitcom. Seriously! (Editor's note: you won't actually see anything, in case that wasn't obvious.)

As previously reported, the actress will guest star on the November 23 episode of the show. USA Today has run the first photo of Sackhoff on the series, as she'll drink with Simon Helberg's Howard Wolowitz in the bathtub.

Wolowitz  and Sackhoff

The above scene doesn't take place in real life, of course.

As fans know, Wolowitz enjoys the occasional daydream.

"But he can't recognize what's right in front of him because he's mesmerized by fantasies about women from sci-fi," says creator Chuck Lorre. "The scene is his mental image of Katee, but she's telling him the truth, that he's missing out on real life."

For now, Sackhoff - who will appear as a series regular on season eight of 24 - is only booked for one episode. But she's open to more, the newspaper reports.

"That would be terrific," said Lorre. "She could definitely be...  his muse, the magnificent woman who tells him the truth. We should all have a conscience that looks like Katee Sackhoff."

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