The Big Bang Theory Cast: Where Are They Now?

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The Big Bang Theory is one of the most famous and iconic modern-day sitcoms.

Sprawling Twelve Seasons, the series followed a group of brainiac friends and their exploits in love, life, and the search for knowledge.

The show garnered ten Emmy awards, four of which went to lead actor Jim Parsons, yet the show never nabbed the Best Comedy award.

Big Bang Theory Cast Poster - The Big Bang Theory

The series has also spawned a spinoff series, Young Sheldon. Another spinoff series is in the works at Max, but the plot is unknown at this time.

While the series creator, Chuck Lorre, has continuous success with sitcoms on CBS (Young Sheldon, Bob Hearts Abishola), what has the main cast done? Find out below!

John Ross Bowie - Barry Kripke

John Ross Bowie - The Big Bang Theory

Barry Kripke, a rival of Sheldon's and an overall annoying character, was played brilliantly by John Ross Bowie.

During his extended guest stint on The Big Bang Theory, he starred in the sitcom Speechless, starring Minni Driver.

Both series got canceled/ended in 2019. Since then, he's had many guest roles on shows like The Rookie and Grace and Frankie.

He's also had guest roles on Station 19 and The Neighborhood.

In Memorium: Carol Ann Susi - Debbie Wolowitz


Carol Ann Susi never really appeared on screen through the show's 12-season run, but her character was an instrumental part of Howard's life and the whole gang's.

Her iconic voice, constantly yelling "HOWARD!" is engrained in our memories in the best way possible.

She created many laughs throughout the series, and her loss was dealt with brilliantly on the series.

Laurie Metcalf - Mary Cooper

Laurie Metcalf in The Conners - The Big Bang Theory

Laurie Metcalf is a prolific actress, having earned two Tony awards and four Primetime Emmy awards, the most recent for her guest stint on Hacks.

While her role on The Big Bang Theory was small, Metcalf's screen presence always radiated through her character of Sheldon's mom.

Since The Big Bang Theory ended, Laurie Metcalf has reprised her Roseanne role as Jackie Harris on The Conners.

Metcalf has also appeared on Broadway many times, playing Hillary Clinton on stage in Hillary and Clinton.

Christine Baranski - Dr. Beverly Hofstadter

Diane discuss - The Good Fight Season 5 Episode 10

Another extremely prolific actress, Baranski's guest stint on The Big Bang Theory as Leonard's mother proved iconic.

She also has two Tony awards and one Primetime Emmy for her role on the show Cybil.

She is well-known for her role on The Good Wife, which she reprised for six seasons on Paramount+'s The Good Fight.

She also has a leading role on HBO Max's The Gilded Age.

Wil Wheaton - Wil Wheaton

Wil Wheaton The Ready Room - The Big Bang Theory

Wil Wheaton played himself, albeit a partially fictionalized version of himself.

WIl Wheaton recently reprised his Star Trek: The Next Generation role on the Paramount+ Show Star Trek: Picard.

He also competed on the 2022/2023 season of Celebrity Jeopardy, making it to the final round but ultimately losing to actor Ike Barinholtz.

He also hosts an aftershow for the different Star Trek series entitled The Ready Room, starting in its second season.

Kevin Sussman - Stuart Bloom

Kevin Sussman on Call Me Kat - The Big Bang Theory

Kevin Sussman played the nerdy, lovable, and weird comic book store owner Stuart.

Of all the characters, he was the worst with women and ended up living with Howard and Bernadette.

Sussman has had two episode guest roles on Better Call Saul and Hulu's The Dropout.

He's also had two episodes on Mayim Bialik's sitcom Call Me Kat.

Mayim Bialik - Amy Farrah Fowler

Mayim Bialik Hosting Celebrity Jeopardy - The Big Bang Theory


Of all the lead cast, Amy appeared in the least amount of episodes (203, still an incredible number).

Mayim Bialik has found success since The Big Bang Theory with a sitcom on Fox entitled Call Me Kat.

She stars as the lead, Kat, who owns a cat cafe. Bialik also has had a two-episode stint via voice narration on Young Sheldon, playing Amy.

She also trades hosting duties with Ken Jennings on the long-running quiz show Jeopardy and hosted the 2022/2023 run of Celebrity Jeopardy.

Melissa Rauch - Bernadette Rostenkowski

Abby's Content - Night Court Season 1 Episode 13

She starred in 209 The Big Bang Theory episodes as a microbiologist and waitress with Penny at the Cheesecake Factory.

Since The Big Bang Theory ended, she has lent her voice to many animated series, including kids' shows.

She competed on the recent season of Celebrity Jeopardy, ultimately losing in her first round.

She has found great critical acclaim with the rebooted Night Court, which has been renewed for a second season.

Kunal Nayyar - Raj Koothrappali

Kunal Nayyar, Raj, on Apple TV's Suspicion - The Big Bang Theory

The first of the main five that appeared in every episode, Kunal came into the show as the awkward Raj, who couldn't talk to women.

Kunal has lent his voice to the movie Trolls World Tour and its sequel, Trolls Band Together.

He starred on the Apple TV+ miniseries Suspicion in 2022.

He's had several guest roles in the UK, including Criminal: UK.

Simon Helberg - Howard Wolowitz

Simon Helberg as The Conductor

Howard also appeared in every episode and was a part of the core friend group throughout the series.

After the series ended, Helberg starred as The Accompanist on the weird movie musical Annette.

Like some of his fellow castmates, he had one episode in a voice-over role on Young Sheldon.

More recently, Simon Helberg could be seen in a two-episode guest spot on the star-studded show Poker Face, starring Natasha Lyonne.

Johnny Galecki - Leonard Hofstadter

Leonard Gives a Thumbs Up - The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Episode 22

Leonard was one of the three series leads in the show, alongside Sheldon and Penny.

His and Sheldon's friendship, along with his and Penny's relationship, took centerstage throughout most of the series.

After the show ended, Roseanne was brought back as The Conners, but he's only returned for about four episodes. Also from Roseanne/The Conners is Sara Gilbert, who only had about nine episodes on The Big Bang Theory.

Johnny Galecki also had a son since the show finished airing!

Kaley Cuoco - Penny (Hofstadter)

Accepting Her Fate - The Flight Attendant Season 2 Episode 6

Penny proved an essential character throughout the series and more intelligent than she initially sounded.

Kaley Cuoco has since opened her production company, Yes, Norman Productions.

The company has produced the high-profile show The Flight Attendant, which has earned her three Primetime Emmy nominations (two for lead actress and one for Executive Producing).

She also voices the role of Harley Quinn on the HBO Max show of the same name and serves as an executive producer.

Jim Parsons - Sheldon Cooper

Jim Parsons, Sheldon Cooper, On Netflix's Hollywood - The Big Bang Theory

Jim Parsons has had a successful career since The Big Bang Theory, the show which won him four Primetime Emmys.

Most prominently, he has starred as Sheldon Cooper on the spinoff Young Sheldon. He narrates the show.

He also starred on the Ryan Murphy Miniseries Hollywood for Netflix, which earned him another Emmy nomination.

On the theatre side of things, Parsons has starred on Broadway many times, most notably on The Boys in the Band and the movie adaptation of the production.

The Big Bang Theory Poster

So Fanatics, have you kept up with the cast of The Big Bang Theory?

Do you watch Young Sheldon, and will you watch the newly announced spinoff show?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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