V Review: "It's Only the Beginning"

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Bask in my light. Take comfort knowing I am here. You will never be alone.
- Anna, to the entire Visitor community

It's hard to know where to even start on this week's episode, as every show on TV could take a page from V on how to leave fans wanting more.

Sadly, we'll have to wait a lot longer to get more, as "It's Only the Beginning" concluded this show's excellent, opening four-episode run. It airs again in March.

The quote above, of course, is taken from our introduction to "bliss," the drug-like control Anna exerts over the Visitors that provides them with peace, comfort and some sort of light. A smile remains etched on our faces after seeing this concept in action.

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Among other developments that will keep us talking and guessing until March...

Will Jack live? We can likely answer that question with an affirmative response right now, but the show has brought this character along perfectly. No shock that there's more to him than priesthood, but did anyone see his battle-torn past coming?

Vs can procreate with humans. And they can grow as worried over the idea of fatherhood as we can, too; though Ryan has many other reasons to stress out over Valerie's news. He won't be leaving her any time soon.

Is Decker doomed? No matter how he responds to his brain aneurysm, Chad is in a difficult position. Ignore the Vs and risk death. Heed the Vs advice and be forever at their mercy and in their debt. This character is played very well by Scott Wolf.

Who the heck is John May? Guess it isn't the V referred to as "Joshua," as his cohort stated that his importance was his proxity to Anna, not his role as leader of The Fifth Column. Then, that guy got skinned by his pal. Cool, chilling scene.

The overall mystery of John May proves that V knows how to string its audience along. Its reminiscent of the first season of Heroes, as "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World" became a slogan across the TV landscape. "John May Lives" is destined for the same, intriguing fate.

We'll have more to say about this episode and about the series in general in our V Round Table. For now, we turn it over to readers. What did you think?

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Ryan: Everything that I've told you is true.
Erica: Except that you're a Visitor.

I better not ever hear you talk about skinning a V again.