Blake Lively: New Esquire Cover Girl

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Gossip Girl star Blake Lively covers the February issue of Esquire and shows why she's becoming one of the hottest Hollywood tickets around (in our opinion).

She tells the magazine that her Gossip Girl alter ego Serena van der Woodsen's notoriously revealing get-ups are not all that different than her own style.

"I can snap into Serena very easily," she said.

"The way I dress as Serena is pretty much the way I dress as me. I'm living in New York City, shooting Gossip Girl in New York City. I'm in a comfort zone."

We have to say, if she dresses like Serena, there's not nearly enough cleavage on the cover below, although maybe Esquire is going for a change of pace!

Esquire Cover Girl

Blake is one of Esquire's "People Who Matter."

In addition to Gossip Girl, she's filming a flick with Ben Affleck, The Town, and was just cast as the lead in the upcoming Green Lantern with Ryan Reynolds.

In The Town, we'll get to see a sexier side of Blake, who got naked in The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, although viewers didn't really see anything in the end.

She'll be baring more in the Affleck-directed crime drama.

"I have a sex scene in this film and that's never comfortable," Blake says. "You think, 'Oh, this is going to be so awkward.' But this scene isn't supposed to be a steamy one - it's sort of tragic. ... I'm pretty much crying in it."

That sounds like an ... interesting scene, to say the least. The only crying we'll be doing is if our girl stops posing for magazines. We heart Blake!

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