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This week's self-proclaimed Abed-centric episode of Community definitely broke from the show's usual formula, to give us an incredible Goodfellas parody using chicken fingers.  While Community was a few weeks late in the fried chicken cartel parody (South Park did it!), everyone's favorite study group did almost as good of a job as Cartman and the Colonel.

Contemporary American Poultry Scene

When the episode switched into parody mode, there was an abrupt moment when Abed's narration just kicked in.   Once you got over the "huh?" factor, the episode smoothly switched into being one of the funniest movie parodies we can remember in a long time, all fitting within the characters' personalities.

In addition to the deluge of pop culture references you'd expect from an Abed-centric episode, the show also included its usual other goofy jokes courtesy of the rest of the group.  Jeff has his hand wave, Pierce had his streets ahead, and, of course, Troy had Annie's Boobs.

There's pretty much no way this episode wouldn't have you laughing, whether you've seen Goodfellas or the countless other mafia movies the episode parodied.  But, much like any other episode of Community, "Contemporary American Poultry" would have been much better if you did.

Our favorite Community quotes from this great episode are after the jump.

Troy: Can we make this quick? I have to give a banana to Annie's Boobs. | permalink
Shirley: I caught him stuffing my man full of chicken, and Tyler Perry has a whole series of movies about why that's wrong. | permalink
Troy: I think I'm failing psychopharmacology.
Britta: Why are you taking that?
Troy: I thought it was a class about crazy farm animals. | permalink
Abed: His dreadlocks remind me of the Predator, which is weird because you're doing the actual hunting, and you seem invisible to him. | permalink
Jeff: For your information, I don't have an ego. My Facebook photo is a landscape. | permalink

Contemporary American Poultry Review

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