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How did Gossip Girl star Jessica Szohr (Vanessa Abrams) find herself in a cuddle puddle with Glee cast members Cory Monteith and Dianna Agron (Finn Hudson and Quinn Fabray)?

The trio is starring in an upcoming ad campaign for juniors clothing brand Op, along with R&B singer Cassie, 90210’s Trevor Donovan, and Alex Meraz of New Moon and Eclipse.

The “Rock Your Shine” campaign, shot by photographer Larry Bartholomew and set at a summer block party, and features the young TV stars lounging in a hammock, barbecuing, and getting ready to head out surfing in cute beach-ready pieces like these ...

Gossip Girl and Glee Fashion

“The clothes are so great; especially the amazing bikinis and shorts,” says Jessica Szohr, who just turned 25, of her favorite pieces from the line, available exclusively at Walmart.

And if it looks like they’re having fun, it’s because they are:

“The cast had a blast, since some of them were already great friends, and even co-stars. The rest made lifelong friends after a long, fun day on set,” says the brand's manager.

Good to hear ... and to wear!

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hey this is sweet


The campaign looks great. Jess and company look gorgeous. It's cool that J.S. did the campaign with Dianna Agron because they have been friends for a while and they are both beautiful.


love it..she was a model after all...she is the best choise...happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


just get it haters your opinion don't matter,I saw a similar hate towards the guy from 90210 that is in this campaign too,the opinion of a small group of pathetic people on the net is irrelevant. Diana and Corey have great looks and still Jess is the center of almost all the adds.


Like Leighton, Blake or Taylor would have been a much better choice


They couldn't have chosen a better GG cast member to be with the Glee cast? Especially Corey and Dianna, those two are like perfect looking!


another big multimedia ad campaigning for Jess¡
go girl¡
she looks so hot in all the pics.


That's a big drop for Jessica to go from wearing the designer duds on GG to the WM off-the-rack, made-in-China trash LOL


junior? LOL and they picked Jessica?
25 isn't exactly junior in my book they could've picked someone younger and more popular like Demi Lovato or Taylor Swift!


diana agron is so beautiful.. her beauty is subtle. :)

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