True Blood Review: "Beautifully Broken"

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All Hell will eventually break loose on True Blood this season, as creator Alan Ball promised a convergence of events and a compelling finale.

I have no doubt that will be true, and I was extremely entertained by "Beautifully Broken," but the episode did feel a bit disconnected.

As anyone familiar with the books (or with the weeks' worth of casting updates on TV Fanatic) knows, season three introduces a slew of new characters to the series. Almost all of them showed up last night, making it a bit difficult to get caught up in the suspense of the storylines when we're challenged to simply keep track of who's who.

At least the characters are promising, though. There's Jesus, who gives Mrs. Reynolds a chance to be hilariously racist and Lafayette a chance to find love. Anything that places this hookah in the spotlight in fine by me, especially if it means less of his whining cousin.

Please, Franklin Mott, use your British accent to calm Tara the heck down. So she was a zombie and her boyfriend was a killer? Get over it, girl! Use your BFF as a role model, as Sookie is never one for self-pity.

Dapper Bill
Baring Fangs

While female viewers may have been sad to see less of Eric's rear end this week, the vampire actually exposed himself more than ever. He sounded (gasp!) human, explaining to Sookie that his life would be far better if Bill was never found - but, well, he owed her.

Sookie even seemed moved by this admission and by the softness in Eric's eyes. Are his motivations for helping Sookie legitimate? Or is Eric playing a game behind her back, perhaps one that involves the selling of V?

(Nice to see you, by the way, Godric. Only you can don a Nazi uniform, murder a werewolf and spout this kind of wisdom, all in one scene: "A vampire is never at the mercy of his emotions.")

The storylines involving Jessica and Sam feel unrelated to the other action in Bon Temps right now. They were clearly the weakest parts of this episode, but were still good for a couple laughs, as I chuckled at Jessica's asking about chainsaw rentals and Sam's brother scoffing at the type of canine our favorite restaurant owner turns into.

Most intriguing, by far, is the introduction of the King of Mississippi and his boyfriend, Talbot. The latter can make blood-themed dishes sound and look delicious, can't he? We'll excuse him to go drain the next course, however, and focus on the King.

I love the overall vampire code. These are supposedly wild, dangerous creatures - yet they abide by a strict set of rules and must listen to a chain of command. It's great. The King is a calm fellow, scarcely even reacting when Bill bared his fangs.

He has a plan, though, and it involves the wooing of the Queen of Louisiana and the combining of their territories. May we suggest he pen her a poem instead of threatening Bill and Sookie? Sample lines could include: "You are so beautiful, dear Sophie-Ann/For you, I would give up my man/Put your blood selling behind you and focus on me/We'd dominate the south and each night I'd make you scream: YAHTZEE!"

It's a work in progress, which is likely why the King's first takeover plot involves the blackmailing of Bill. It was funny to listen to Sookie's impression of how he says her name, but it was simply awesome to watch his reaction to the King when he brought Sookie up.

The same goes for Lorena. Bill may try to "mainstream," but you don't wanna mess with this dead man. Cooter and his friends found that out to open the episode.

Meanwhile, Bill is A LOT more interesting already this season, isn't he? He has a dossier on the Stackhouse's in his home? With Sookie and her grandfather's names circled?!? What did he actually return to Bon Temps?

What did you think of the installment and the new characters introduced in it? Who is your favorite so far? And would you ever dine on blood bouillabaisse? Sound off now in our True Blood forum!

Beautifully Broken Review

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