Supernatural to Parody Vampire Craze in Hollywood

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As previously reported, monsters aren't merely coming to Supernatural this season. So are vampires.

The CW hit will mock the current blood sucker craze in Hollywood a bit, which seems like a challenge - considering The Vampire Diaries airs on the same network.

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But producer Sera Gamble says the show will tread carefully by not actually referring to that series by name.

“I don’t think there’s currently a [Vampire Diaries] mention in the episode,” Gamble told Entertainment Weekly. “But part of the thing is finding a balance between, say, [showing] a poster from the actual show and having Sam and Dean really speak their minds. We don’t want to offend.”

In the end, Gamble takes the approach that mockery is really just a form of flattery. She says:

“I think The Vampire Diaries is a really good show. And I’ve seen all the Twilight movies. I’m certainly not coming at this from a place of feeling superior to them. I have great respect.”

Supernatural premieres its sixth season on September 24.

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